Different usage and benefits of naam se vashikaran


Different usage and benefits of naam se vashikaran

Usually vashikaran is used to control the mind and body of a person. But have you ever thought why it is needed to control someone’s mind or body. Generally nowadays it seems that the Indian housewives are getting cheated by their husbands daily. With the help of the vashikaran specialist in India you can now handle these circumstances easily and quickly.

Are you really suffering for your husband’s rude behaviour or external affairs of your husband with another lady? Now you can really stop these kinds of affairs of your husband by following pati ka vashikaran techniques given by the best vashikaran specialist astrologer to experience a blissful married life.


Different methods of performing pati ka vashikaran

There are many methods of implementing vashikaran in your husband’s life but these are very easy and effective methods and can be done in home:-

Naam se vashikaran kaise kare?

With the help of your husband’s name now it’s quite easy to perform vashikaran. To perform naam se vashikaran you need some things and must follows some steps.

  • A White paper
  • Name of your husband or the desired person’s name
  • Red Sindur
  • And a white cloth

Naam se vashikaran in Hindi

  • सफेद कपड़े पर बैठें पूर्व की ओर मुख करके
  • सिन्दूर की सहायता से श्वेत पत्र पर वांछित व्यक्ति का नाम लिखें
  • उसके बाद उस कागज को भगवन के फोटो के पीछे रख दें
  • ध्यान रखें कि आपके पति की आँखें वहाँ तक न पहुँच सकें
Or simply you can write the name of the desired person name on your hand with the help of the red sindur and chant the given vashikaran mantra to perform haath par naam likh kar vashikaran.

Naam se vashikaran totke

[ “ऊँ श्रीं बिष्णु देवा शिव शिवाय नमायदाय स्वाहा स्वाहा नमः नमो नमः”]

Pati ko vashikaran ke upay in Hindi

Pati ko vashikaran ke adhin par lene ke lie bahut sara upay hai unme se kuch hai

  • लिंग से वशीकरण
  • नाम से वशीकरण
  • निंबु से वशीकरण
  • बाल से वशीकरण
Inhi pati vashikaran ke upay se ap apne pati ko apni aur akarsit kar sakhe hai aur apne musibat ko hata sakte hain.

Pati ko vash main karne ka mantra

{“ऊँ नमः भगवती बासुदेवाय शिवाय से पार्वती जथा प्रतिष्ठित नमो नमः”}

In mantra ko dhyan karke aur pati vashikaran upay ko palan karke ap apne pati ko apne vash main badi asani se kar sakte hain.In mantra ko dhyan karke aur pati vashikaran upay ko palan karke ap apne pati ko apne vash main badi asani se kar sakte hain.

With the help of vashikaran baba you can now get the control over anyone’s mind as well as body to make your work easier and to build a healthier relation bonding between you and your love. If you are willing to get the above services or more such service then visit Tabij.in or call on +91 9776190123.

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