Seven Reasons to follow Child Birth Astrology

Seven Reasons to follow Child Birth Astrology

Marriage is not taken to be complete before a child is born. Giving birth to a child helps in keeping the family happiness greater by the child birth prediction astrology must follow up by every person after getting married.

The birth of a child to a married couple brings about immense happiness to them and their entire life will revolve around rearing the child into a human being having good values in life. Still, at times there may be some couples who are not able to beget any progeny due to some fertile problem. On this case you must take an advice from astrology for childbirth for free to get resolved.

free prediction of childbirth is a part of Vedic astrology which helps foretell if the couple will be able to engender progeny or not. The horoscopes of both the partners need to be studied for child prediction by date of birth free online horoscope. Also, there are some astrological remedies for child birth problems in spite of no medical problems being found.

The most likely question by a female would be when I will get pregnant by studying her child birth prediction in kundali, the 5th House in kundali is the most important House related to children. Let’s have a look at the different Houses which are considered as important for getting pregnancy. It is interesting to know the signs in the 4th house are considered as Fertile, Infertile and Indecisive Signs as far as pregnancy and childbirth are concerned for kundali predictions for child.

Fertile Signs:

· Cancer

· Scorpio

· Pisces

Infertile Signs:

· Aries

· Gemini

· Leo

· Virgo

Indecisive Signs:

· Taurus

· Libra

· Sagittarius

· Capricorn

· Aquarius

Here, it should be noted that the influence of 1st, 3rd and 9th houses by planets indicate that the individual is not likely to have a child. Thus, in the horoscopes of both the couple, all planets have to be perusal for their results based on 7 factors by free prediction of childbirth.

Seven Reason to follow Child Birth Astrology

  1. The placement in the various houses
  2. The characteristic that the planets are casting and the regard that are being casted on them
  3. The coincidence of the planets with other planets
  4. The facts and factors that need to be considered and analysed to discover the possibilities of pregnancy, predicting the time of pregnancy, and solutions to various relevant problems are:
  5. The 1st, 5th, and 9th houses of the natal chart
  6. The position, identity, and capabilities of the Lord of all of the above houses

7.The Moon should be near or transit the 1st, 5th, or 9th houses/lords

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