Expert advice for twin’s fortune with childbirth prediction in kundli

Expert advice for twin’s fortune with childbirth prediction in kundli

Facing pregnancy / infertility issues? Now solve all your pregnancy-related questions with childbirth prediction in kundli. Also, find out when is the best time to conceive based on astrology.

In child birth astrology, the native is judged by the Ascendant and his lord. The third house means the closest younger brother or sister, and the eleventh house means the closest older. In the zodiac, they are represented by the signs of Gemini and Aquarius, respectively.

According to childbirth prediction in kundli geminis are dual in nature and therefore signify the probability that a twin will be born, which is also the character of its owner, viz. Mercury.

For twin babies as per astrology for childbirth for free, the Ascendant and their lord, the 3rd and 11th houses and their masters, the signs Gemini and Aquarius and their masters must be associated with other double signs, viz. Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

What causes the birth of twins?

  • Child birth prediction finds when Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and the Ascendant are in odd signs, and Venus and the Moon are in even signs.
  • When a strong and unfavorable planet ascends to the lunar fertility or the Ascendant.
  • Mercury, Jupiter and Mars are strong and are in even signs.

How does astrology work with twins?

In pregnancy prediction by date of birth free the elevation of the sign changes every four minutes. Therefore, twins born two or three minutes apart will have the same birth horoscope. Although all planetary combinations are the same, they will have a different destiny.

This is because the real and hidden conditions will be different, as there will be at least a second difference between the two children.And in kundali predictions for child the division chart will be different due to the difference in seconds. Another reason for a different destiny is that they are born in a different orbit. The interpretation of this lies in the theory of karma.

Why twins have different destiny?

Sanchita (deeds of past lives), Parabdha (fruits of deeds of past lives in the present life) and Agami (deeds to be performed in the present life) are different types of karma based on pregnancy astrology by date of birth.

Planetary conditions take into account only Sanchita Karma, that is, karmic results or actions stored in a past life. Therefore, the twins with the same Sanchita Karma will have the same birth chart, but there Prarabdha Karma and Agami Karma will be different, so they will have a different destiny and as per free childbirth prediction in kundli their life path also very.

Pregnancy astrologer can predict events that will occur during pregnancy using only the date of birth. Also, child prediction by date of birth free online can help you understand these events, helping you steer clear of the mix that is happening right now. So, you can take the right step or make a decision to get out of trouble.

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