Check your percentage of Pregnancy in Vedic Astrology Calculator


Check your percentage of Pregnancy in Vedic Astrology Calculator

An idea may strike a chord with respect to her pregnancy. Regularly focused and stressed, she asks inwardly, “When will I get pregnant prediction? Will I get pregnant Horoscope 2020? Vedic approach to consider, or will I have an infant?

Pregnancy Horoscope prediction 2021 designs present in a mother’s pregnancy diagram for the nine-month time frame are both entrancing and complex. Notwithstanding, similar angles in a lady’s crystal gazing for persuading child propose that pregnancy could likewise highlight numerous different things. The activity of utilizing crystal gazing for labor free however looks logical is in reality a greater amount of nature’s prize. There is an incredible mystery behind the introduction of each kid

Will 2021 be favourable for you to plan a baby

When a woman wants to become pregnant, she should be in good health and if there are some bad effects on flourishing or ascendant lord it may affect the health of the woman. A strong growth indicates good health and a strong desire to achieve something in the horoscope of the woman. She has to follow astrology pregnancy calculator.

Pregnancy horoscope

The 9th House and its goddess are also important for getting pregnant or childbirth as it is from the 5th House of the horoscope. Lord Jupiter is a karaka planet for childbirth as it is beneficial with some special superiority of childbirth in a horoscope. So, planet Jupiter should be positioned well without any bad influence on any other malefic planets.

In Pregnancy astrology by date of birth 7th House is also responsible, as it tells about  the individual horoscope. The sexual activities and eagerness of love, the bad effects of planets or the involvement of planet Saturn on Mercury with this House could give weakness to the woman.

8th House of the horoscope belongs to the erotic parts of both the male and the female. Ill effects of bad planets like planet Saturn, Mercury, Rahu and Ketu on the 8th House may decrease the running capacity of sexual parts and may give impotency which may be the reason for not being able to get pregnant easily.

This House is mainly considered for delay in pregnancy astrology i.e., child birth and pregnancy. Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn should not present in the 5th house. If Rahu and Ketu, present in this house then it could lead to problems in getting pregnant and in childbirth.

The goddess of the 5th house should not be placed in 6th, 8th, and 12th houses. Planet Mars should not present in the 5th house. Planet Jupiter in aspect with the 5th house is considered extremely beneficial for childbirth.

Step to follow in Pregnancy

  1. Conceive at the right age
  2. Do not abort the first pregnancy
  3. Make the menstrual cycle regular
  4. Keep an eye on the ovulation period
  5. Control the weight
  6. Healthy diet
  7. Conception Moon
  8. Say no to drugs
  9. Quit using contraception
  10. Say No to Lubricants
  11. Say stress bye bye

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