Apply These Secret Techniques to Improve Childbirth problem

Apply These Secret Techniques to Improve Childbirth problem

pregnancy problem in couples is a major problem in this era. Multiple cases have been seeing regularly having good physical power as well as all capabilities of childbearing. But couples fail to have kids which is much necessary to complete their family.

Couples also go to the extent of spending crores of money on treatments for bearing a child. The lack of a child in the family also causes different feelings in the mind of different couples. Women are going into depression for not having a child, where they are looked at by society as incapable. In such cases, the couples need to go for a pregnancy astrology solution.

When will be my baby born?

Astrology pregnancy calculator uses to calculate the percentage of childbirth in a woman. Pregnancy prediction astrology is getting a good solution for the childbearing problem in a couple. This is done by doing a good analysis of both the horoscopes of the husband and his wife. Pregnancy as per astrology is one of the most ancient technology to predict childbirth since the 1900 era. Take some astrology tips for pregnancy after marriage for a successful result.

What exactly are the reasons for the Pregnancy problem? As per Astrology?

•There are many reasons as per astrological analysis why couples fail to give birth to children. Some of the problems include:

•If in astrology terms, the progeny place is badly affected by Saturn, then there is every possibility that the couple would face problem on giving birth of children.

•If the child’s place in the horoscope is affected by a malefic planet in the birth chart of the husband and wife, then astrology prediction for pregnancy should be needed.

•In certain times, graham dosha also creates problems in childbearing, both then couple faces problem in bearing a good child.

•Sometimes due to different planetary problems, the handicapped child takes birth.

•Several times due to the destructive minded person who devises mantra and tantra to tie the womb of the female, it is seen that even a healthy female fails to give birth to a healthier child.

•At times, due to a weak planetary power of the female, she fails to conceive pregnancy properly.

•Evil eye effects also create huge problems of childbearing and impact a person’s life.

•In certain times, due to the present planetary movements, the progeny place is badly affected.

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