Panchang/Aaj ka panchang: Know how your day will be!!

Panchang/Aaj ka panchang: Know how your day will be!!

As per Hindu sastra panchang is a calender or data which holds every data about the days. If you want to know the details about your days then aaj ka panchang can help you out.

As per vedic astrology panchnag is the complete blue print of the days as per astrological point of views. If you want to initiate any important perspective then you should value the details about panchang. Panchang which is otherwise known as Hindu calendar is generated by the famous and expert pandits/astrologer where you will find exact astrological details with perfect accuracy.

Hindu Panchang

Hindu Panchang assumes a significant part in everybody’s life by offering an understanding into the significant tithi (date) for an ideal prosperous work to begin. Without taking the assistance of Panchang in Hindu religion, favorable occasions like wedding services, essential occasions, debuts, assessments, interviews, beginning new business and new beginnings are not conveyed out.Using Hindu Panchang, you can get all the data about the time, date and day to decide the most suitable timings to start a devoted action or another endeavor, overlooking all negative effect and pointless battles.

What is Today’s panchang contain

As per astrology, Vedas Hindu Tithi or Thithi is the specific lunar day or the time taken by the longitudinal point between the Sun and the Moon to keep 12 degrees. These days may shift in length and can be anyplace between 21.5 hours to 26 hours. According to old astrology, a Lunar month contain 30 Tithis or full Lunar days. These are again separated into 2 Paksha or Lunar stages, called “Krishna Paksha” and “Shukla Paksha” and each Paksha comprises of 15 Tithis and as per Today’s panchang these tithis will give you the below details.

  • Sun Rise & Sun set
  • Moon Rise Moon Set
  • Sun Sign & Moon Sign
  • Abhijit Nakhastra
  • Amrit Kalam
  • Auspicious Time
  • Inauspicious Time
  • Yamagadanda
  • Dur Muhurtum
  • Rahu Kalam etc.
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