Marriage Problems Solutions Astrology

Marriage Problems Solutions Astrology

Most reliable and affordable marriage problem solution by the experienced astrologer in marriage problems astrology and its doctrines. One can bring forth peaceful union and win over all the problems causing their marital relationship becomes troublesome.

Marriage is arguably the most important aspect of a person’s life as it opens up an entirely new dimension of life. Marriage brings phenomenal changes in a couple’s life and teaches them the real essence of family & responsibilities. It is a holy union in which a couple vow to stand by each other’s side during all times and have unconditional love & absolute loyalty for one another.
However, not everyone is blessed with a blissful married life as many people go through rough phases of bitterness & bickerings in their marriages. In fact, there are a whole lot of people that face delays and obstacles in getting married in the first place.

Marriage in Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology just like every other aspect deciphers the marital aspect of one’s life in a very profound & detailed manner. It analyzes certain specific houses of a person’s Horoscope with respect to the planet/s affecting them.

Let us look at those houses and what they signify!

  • 1st House:- This is the house of Self & Personality. It reveals our real & innermost nature and broad outlook towards life.
  • 2nd House:- This is the house of Family and Speech.
  • 5th House:- This is the house that signifies Love and Children. The state of this house plays a key role in determining the future of one’s love relationship and whether that love relationship will transform into a love marriage or not.
  • 6th House:- This is the house that signifies Bickering with the spouse. A negatively affected 6th house is not conducive to having a harmonious married life.
  • 7th House:- This is the house that signifies Life Partner. Hence, it is the main focal point while analyzing the marital aspect of one’s life.
  • 8th:- House This is the house that signifies In-Laws.
  • 11th House:- This is the house that signifies Gains and Realization of Desires.

Marriage – The Bond Of Love Or The Curse Of Union?

Marriage of today’s world is fraught with so many burning issues, such as hate, rage, disrespect, melancholy, grudge, daily quarrel over petty issues, no sense of belonging to each other for which the couple once swore to uphold through trials and tribulations. The mutual feeling of distrust and disrespect is the collective sin of today’s marriage, which can be said one of the most potent reasons why most marriages fall apart. They never see the brighter days of their union.
Our experienced Marriage Problems Solution Astrology expert offers curative marriage problem solutions, astrological remedies for marriage problems, and detailed analysis on the effect of the horoscope on marriage which reveals the Solutions For Marriage Problems based on our acute analysis of all astrological and planetary factors.