Marriage Problem And Their Remedial Measures

Marriage Problems & Their Remedial

Are you facing problems in your married life? They seems to be unending then do not panic. Now avail reliable services by well known personality of astrology field.

Marriage is the most pursued thing in this world for most of us. It is said that we initiate a totally new life after marriage. It is a propitious bond that has been fixed in heaven and also has hidden indications of our past lives.

It is no less than a miracle to observe somebody with whom you happily agree to spend whole of your life. But sometimes this auspicious and dreamy state becomes a nightmare if one ends up meeting a troublesome or I should say not really wanted accomplice. We in some cases see defects in others but it is us who may be creating trouble in the marriage.

In such situations marriage guidance proves to be an effective solution for the obstacles coming in the way of a happy married life or delay in marriage. These obstacles can easily be overthrown if you get effective and genuine guidance at the right time. It may save your marriage while ensuring bliss in the relations. Simultaneously the people who are facing undue delays in their marriage can be equally benefitted. Talk with astrologer in India to get marriage consultation

Our natal chart and the placement of planets in it can predict our life events with great accuracy if analyzed by our well experienced astrologer. At the same time transit of the planets and nakshatras too play crucial role in predicting the upcoming events. The planets in the chart or janam kundali can very well predict the type of person we will get as a life partner.

Look out for the unfavorable and favorable

There are three malefic planets that cause problems in various domains of a person’s life.

  • Saturn: Saturn is a slow planet and is known for delays. Any relationship of this planet with the seventh house or seventh Lord might create setbacks for one’s marriage. It additionally makes obstacles in the loving and romantic relations of a married couple. This is a cold planet and thus infuses an element of coldness in the relations of the couple post marriage.
  • Rahu: Rahu is known for suddenness. It might give inconveniences and blessings as well if placed well in the chart in an unexpected way. This is malefic by nature and is poisonous, it makes the relation burdensome through creating negative illusions in the minds of the individuals. This also indicates extra marital affair and if affects the chart badly then may also make an individual to get enjoyed illegal relations. Subsequently this malefic planet swallows up the peace in a married life.
  • Ketu: Ketu is essentially an otherworldly planet which gives a religious bent to the mind taking the person away from the marital bliss. It gives spiritual tendencies and the person wishes to live life in solace avoiding marital responsibilities. In this way it makes a void between the wedded couple bringing interruption from one another.
  • These were the malefic influence that we discussed above and any positive influence on these may bring relief. Jupiter and Venus are the main beneficiaries apart from Mercury and Moon that are conditionally benefic.