Marriage prediction: Uncertainty solved in marriage horoscope


Marriage prediction: Uncertainty solved in marriage horoscope

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Life passes happily due to marital happiness in the life of any person. According to Vedic astrology, Jupiter in the free marriage horoscope of women and Venus in the birth chart of the male, the planets tell the status of marriage, children, and happy married life. If the planets are in an auspicious or strong position in the marriage horoscope of both individuals, life passes with peace and happiness and suffers the miseries of the effects of inauspicious planets or when the planet is weak.

Female astrology by Marriage horoscope by date of birth

In any woman’s marriage horoscope matching, the guru affects the 7th and 8th house more. If Saturn influences this guru, there is a possibility of delay in marriage, and love with Rahu becomes a possibility of marriage yoga. Before her marriage, an astrologer should get the position of the planets and major facts in the horoscope properly inspected so that a lot can be known about the marriage.

So, subsequent and appropriate measures can be taken. According to marriage age prediction by date of birth free online astrology, if Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius are situated in the seventh house, then the girl will be married within 90 km from her birthplace and in this house, if it is auspicious, strong lunar, Venus or Guru, then the girl will get married at her birthplace.

Male astrology by marriage prediction by date of birth

Just as in any woman’s horoscope, the guru’s marital life is a factor. Similarly, in the male marriage horoscope by date of birth, Venus also suggests marital life. Venus is a factor of love, romance in life, and the horoscope of a man. For males, the 7th house is also vital for marriage.

If Venus is favorable, then the married life passes happily, but if Venus is unfavorable in the horoscope of a person, then there are many problems in his married life and can lead to childbirth hindrance, and tension in the husband-wife relationship and financial, Health-related problems also have to be faced. Get many more related details by love or arranged marriage prediction by date of birth free online.

Remedies by true marriage predictions free

Some common remedies by our astrologers by true marriage predictions free service:

  • In the horoscope of a female, Venus in the horoscope of a guru and a man are factors for marriage and child happiness.
  • If the established and auspicious position of these planets in the horoscope of the male and female respectively are going to influence, then the married life is happy, and if it is going to put bad influence, then by taking these measures, positive results can be achieved.
  • Jupiter’s position gets strong when the marriageable woman is told to wear a topaz after Thursday’s fast, worship of banana plant and donation of yellow things, and astrological advice.
  • As per our astrologers, for men to strengthen the planet Venus, they can wear the gemstone of Venus, and remedies related to Venus can be done, and problems related to marriage and children can be overcome.

Mangal dosh and its cure by accurate marriage prediction free service

If Mars is situated in the first or fourth or seventh or eighth or twelfth house of a person’s horoscope, such a horoscope is considered auspicious. However, Manglik yoga is not that inauspicious for everyone in every situation. For some people, this yoga is sometimes auspicious too. Those who have such uncertainty in horoscope should do special worship for Mangaldev every Tuesday.

To please Mangaldev, one should donate his favorite items like red lentils and red cloth. According to the accurate marriage prediction free service, Mangal Dosh can be solved only in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. The birthplace of Mangal Dev, and where all the bad effects of mangal will be removed. Bhat puja is performed for Mangaldev. by following the above remedies mangal dosh can be relaxed.

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