Marriage prediction solves doshas in your marriage horoscope


Marriage prediction solves doshas in your marriage horoscope

Facing trouble with the doshas in the marriage horoscope? Get them solved by the complete marriage prediction report with a free consultation.

For ages, we Indians follow marriage astrology for marriage. It predicts the best match for the individual and every detail of marriage that is needed. Other than the time and date of marriage, it also lets to know about the uncertainty in the horoscope. Through marriage prediction, we can solve those issues too by some remedial measures and practices. In the coming paragraphs, you will briefly detail marriage and its astrological point of view.

Get a free marriage horoscope and consultation.

Before we go for a horoscope, we should know what a horoscope is? Horoscope is nothing but the chart containing houses and planets placed according to the planets placed during the individual’s birth date and time. Marriage horoscope matching plays a significant role in marriage. The planets in both individual horoscopes are matched, and every detail of marriage is predicted.

Some people askes our astrologers, “when will I get married astrology by date of birth” but it is different in male and female. For male, the 7th house and the planet Venus is responsible for betterment in marriage. In contrast, for females, both the 7th and 8th house and planet mars are considered favorable. For Love marriage, the 5th house is responsible and for arranged marriage 7th house is responsible.

Remedies to Doshas by accurate marriage prediction free service

As you know, there are majorly four doshas found in the horoscope. They are Manglik dosh, Pitra dosh, Mangal dosh, and Bhakoot dosh. Solutions and practices for the doshas with accurate marriage prediction free respectively:

  • Solutions for Manglik dosh: Fasting on Tuesdays, blood donation, helping poor with food, visiting Navagraha temples, mostly wearing red color as it is the color of love and romance.
  • Solutions for Pitra dosh: feeding rice to cows, doing meditation to control anger, financially helping poor girl for marriage, being away from negative people.
  • Solutions for Mangal dosh: Kumbh vivah, marriage between two Manglik, fasting, reciting mantras, offering money and food to the poor, getting married after 28 age.
  • Solutions for Bhakoot dosh: Pujas, visiting the temple and in some cases, bhakoot dosh is get dissolved by the partner’s good signs in the horoscope

Planets and how they are responsible for true marriage predictions free

As per our astrologers, one of the common questions is when I will get married astrology prediction free. Some planets are also responsible for love and arranged marriage prediction, respectively. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Sun: Arrange marriage
  • Moon: Love affair / Arrange marriage
  • Jupiter: Arrange marriage
  • Rahu: Love Marriage
  • Mercury: Love + Arrange marriage
  • Venus: Love marriage
  • Ketu: Love Marriage
  • Saturn: Arrange marriage
  • Mars: Love / Arrange marriage

Late marriage problem solution

As per the recent survey, Indians are facing the most number of late marriage cases. Previously, Indians used to marry between the age of 20-30. But today, due to financial problems and causes like not established in the career. To solve this age-related problem, we have a marriage age prediction by date of birth free online service that will help get the accurate age for marriage.

But according to marriage astrology, planets play a very significant role in late marriage. if the planet placed in the 7th house is not strong and established, it increases the probability of late marriage. But not to worry, with many astrological practices, you can change your fate and lead a happy married life.

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