Marriage horoscope: The chart to marriage prediction astrology


Marriage horoscope: The chart to marriage prediction astrology

Feeling depressed! Unable to get any genuine marriage prediction astrologer. Stop getting worried. We are here with the best astrological suggestion for marriage.

Marriage is a holy knot between two individuals. It brings mutual happiness to the couple as well as the related families. In Indian family marriage, it is considered one of the festivals and is regarded as an essential aspect of life. But due to minor disturbances and misunderstanding, the couple faces separation and sometimes divorce too. So today, you will learn how the free marriage horoscope chart plays a vital role in marriage.

How is marriage horoscope matching done?

Marriage horoscope matching was very compulsory since the Vedic age when it comes to marriage. Still, nowadays, people following western culture ignore this and face a lot of trouble as astrology is now termed science. The marriage horoscope by date of birth is nothing but the chart containing planets and houses as per the individual’s birth date and time, respectively.

For a happy married life, the individual’s horoscope should contain planet Venus in his 7th house as Venus is the suitable planet and the 7th house is the favorable house for marriage. Other than Venus, other planets influence goods and evils in the marriage life like Jupiter plays suitable, whereas mars are not good for marriage. Get many more interesting facts about marriage by accurate marriage prediction free service.

Importance of Venus in true marriage predictions free

Some essential facts about planet Venus and how it influences to better married life:

  • As per Vedic astrology, Venus is termed to be a wife or partner.
  • Planet of the wedding, intimacy, and all pleasures.
  • Powers the men to be productive in any creative field.
  • Mercury and Saturn are friends of Venus.
  • Sun and moon are malefic planets for Venus.
You can learn many more facts about Venus and the 7th house from the true marriage predictions free service.

Marriage prediction by date of birth report and its essential tips

Some significant contents of our marriage prediction by date of the birth free report are mentioned below:

  • Marriage age and time: with marriage age prediction by date of birth free online, get accurate marriage age.
  • Type of marriage: love or arranged marriage according to horoscope.
  • Delay in marriage: Reasons for delay in marriage for planets.
  • Solutions to disturbed marriage life.
  • Pregnancy aspect after marriage: For pregnancy aspect Jupiter and 5th house of the horoscope plays a very important role.
  • Characteristics of future partner: We face questions like when will I get married astrology prediction free and whom? So, we are here with the answer by numerology method as per date of birth.

Answer to question: when will I get married and to whom

The most asked question to our astrologer is “when will I get married and to whom?” so after many horoscopes study, our astrologers came to the point that for love marriage 5th house plays a significant role. In contrast, for an arranged marriage, the 7th house of the horoscope is responsible.

According to the complete marriage prediction report, for male 7th house and the planet Venus is essential but for female 7th and 8th house are important with planet Mars. Other than all these, you will get many answers to the asked question and can solve your problem.

For further details, contact our astrologers, share your problems and get them solved by the best astrologer for marriage prediction. You should not fear that all your details will be kept secret and with the report, you can lead a happy married life. Call: +91 9776190123 or visit:

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