Learn the ethical way to marriage prediction astrology


Learn the ethical way to marriage prediction astrology

How is marriage prediction made according to any individual’s marriage horoscope? How doshas and remedies do predict? Get every detailed knowledge on astrology.

Marriage is a beautiful bond between two individuals. It is a new journey where you find a life partner who will be with you for the whole life in every situation, whether good or bad. For a happy marriage life, marriage horoscope astrology plays a very vital role. In further paragraphs, we will know how astrology deals with marriage and many more essential tips.

The truth behind marriage horoscope by date of birth

When it comes to marriage, a horoscope gives every little detail about the good and bad that can influence the marriage life. There are some suitable house and planet in the horoscope for marriage. The 7th house of the horoscope is known to be the house of marriage, and Planet Venus is the favourable planet for better marriage life. After getting a brief prediction marriage horoscope by date of birth is prepared.

As per love or arranged marriage prediction by date of birth free online, some planets and houses enhance the type of marriage. The 5th house of the horoscope favours love marriage, and the 7th house of the horoscope favours arranged marriage. Other than this, many factors are the cause to love or arranged marriage. The kootas in your horoscope does take into consideration during horoscope matching.

Reasons to late marriage by true marriage predictions free

Today in India, people are facing late marriage issue, and there are many reasons for it. Before, most Indians get married at the age of 20-30, but due to today’s cultural change and following western rituals, people get late marriage problems. some common reasons as per marriage prediction by date of birth free online are:

  • Unable to find the perfect match
  • Not established in the career
  • Financial problem
  • Waiting for loved one’s
  • With age probability to get a partner gets reduced
But not to worry, though we face many questions like when will I get married and to whom? Yet, we have the best astrological practices that can get you a partner, and you can lead a happy life.

Reasons for disturbances and separation in marriage couple

Though many problems break a healthy relationship, we are here with some common reasons:

  • Communication factor: This is mainly seen in the arranged marriage as two unknown individuals get into a relationship. In most cases, the degree of communication gets better with time, but in some cases, it leads to separation.
  • Intimacy factor: Due to any disease or low in love attraction, the intimacy factor decreases.
  • Domestic violence: Due to dowry and other disturbances with new family members, majorly female partners get a lot of problems.
  • Financial instability: after marriage, responsibility increases if you are not that financially stable. It leads to a break-up, leading to divorce.
  • Extramarital affairs: when one of the partners is not satisfied with the other, extramarital affairs rise, which is very bad and disastrous.
If you face any of the above issues in your marriage life, be quick to get marriage prediction by date of birth free report and solve them until it’s late.

The reality of second marriage prediction

As we have above discussed, the problems of separation lead to divorce. In some cases, people go for the second marriage without having any astrological knowledge, which leads them to destruction again. Yes, you will be shocked to know that astrology has a point on second marriage too. According to the second marriage prediction, if the planet placed in the second house of the horoscope is strong and established, it favours second marriage.

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