How misplacement of planets can affect the marriage prediction?


How misplacement of planets can affect the marriage prediction?

Let’s know about the planet’s placement in the marriage horoscope, and how it plays a very important role in marriage prediction. Our best astrologers will help you get the best prediction report.

Marriage is a sacred bond between two individuals. In India, marriage is not just like the western countries but it is regarded as a festival. Just for marriage, many astrological points of view are taken into consideration. Every small detail is judged and the marriage is done. Some people ignorant about Indian culture and do not take the astrological point of view for marriage and face difficulties. So, let’s know how to deal with those problems through marriage prediction by date of birth.

Advantages of marriage horoscope by date of birth

Our natal chart is nothing but our marriage horoscope which helps in getting a complete marriage prediction. The chart contains the houses and the planets in it. Sometimes the planets are favorable to the individual and sometimes not. It is considered to be the base of life. Other than marriage many other predictions are also done from it.

As per Vedic astrology, the 7th house of the marriage horoscope by date of birth and planet Venus are more convenient for marriage life. Other than Venus some more auspicious planets that are too suitable for marriage life are as listed: Jupiter, mercury, and moon. Some inauspicious are Sun, Saturn, Mars, Rahu, and Ketu.

How love and arranged marriage astrology is done?

Many people ask our astrologers a common question and it might have hit you once in you that is when will I get married and to whom? So, you will be shocked to know that astrology has the power to predict the type of marriage through the placements. Still without the astrological point of view people against it and face problems in the coming time.

As per love or arranged marriage prediction by date of birth free online, for love marriage 5th house of the horoscope is responsible and for arranged marriage 7th house of the horoscope is responsible. Accordingly, the planets play their role in love marriage or arranged marriage. Other these houses many other houses can affect the type of marriage.

True marriage predictions free and planets placement in 7th house

Partners personality as per the planet placed in the 7th house by true marriage predictions free:

  • Aries: Aggressive, dominant, courageous, and energetic.
  • Taurus: Hardworking, money-oriented, and materialistic thinking in nature.
  • Gemini: Very unsteady.
  • Cancer: Have a good match with family and happy.
  • Leo: Steady, loyal, and high indignity.
  • Virgo: Logical, judgmental, and clear-headed.
  • Libra: They are quite balanced and quite fond of cooking.
  • Scorpio: Very loyal but also short-tempered.
  • Sagittarius: Straight forward and spiritual.
  • Capricorn: Hardworking and focused in nature.
  • Aquarius: Introvert, workaholic, stable in nature, and high in spirituality.
  • Pisces: Sensitive caring and emotional person.

Second marriage prediction astrology

As disturbances in the marriage relationship are very common nowadays. Sometimes it is so high in the extent that people go for separation and divorce. So, to make their unstable life stable they do another mistake of second marriage without any astrological point of view. Yes, as per the second marriage prediction the second house of the horoscope is responsible for the second marriage. if the planet placed in the second house is strong and placed then it favors second marriage.

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