Know your Government job yoga from free Kundli reading by date of birth


Know your Government job yoga from free Kundli reading by date of birth

If you have confusion about making it as a government servant, then free Kundli reading can fetch you success in getting a Government job. The planets, houses and the planetary combinations in your online kundali play a vital role in securing an administrative position in the Government. Government job in Kundali by date of birth is the most searched astrological topic nowadays.

The process of getting a government job is quite difficult today. Individual needs to read a lot to crack the entrance tests. Thousands of candidates appear in every exam, and the competition level is too high nowadays. Free kundali analysis can help you get a job in the Government sector. Certain planets, planetary positions and combinations, and particular houses in your online Kundli play a significant role in securing a decent government job.

Know the Role of Various houses for getting a government job by online kundali reading:

Government jobs are highly respected, especially in India, where it is an example of supreme power, knowledge, and respect online Kundli analysis can help you to get a job in the Government sector. Some planets, planetary positions and combinations, and explicit houses play a significant role in securing a white-collared government job. Let’s briefly know which these successes process celestial bodies are!

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    First House:

    It explains your ambitions, how you see yourself, High aspirations for top administration jobs everything is set on by the planets settled in your first house. This can be the first sign for a Government job. Check your government job yoga by online kundali Reading.

    Second House

    It describes your Health and also predicts your wealth position and property or assets.

    Sixth House

    It reveals your career goals. An Astrologer using free kundali by date of birth can find the location for getting chance of Government Job Yoga from your birth kundali.

    Ninth House

    A strong Sun and any friendly planet sitting in Ninth house can increase the chances of getting a white-collared Government job. You can also project your Sarkari Naukri yoga by free Kundli prediction.

    Tenth House

    This house again represents a career profession and future goal graph. By seeing this house astrologer specialist can predict government job in your Janam Kundli.

    Planetary Combinations for Government Job Yoga: Kundali Reading

    • Sun present in the 10th house
    • Sun in the 10th house and if it is monitor by planet Mars
    • Sun in 10th house in individuals own sign or in a friendly sign
    • Sun in the 2nd house and it monitor the 10th house lord
    • if planet Jupiter follow the Sun
    • Sun present in 3rd House-Travel and overseas
    • Sun present in the 4th House -Govt. jobs of tax, revenue property
    • Sun present in the 6th House -A Gov. job of legal services
    • Sun present in the 8th House -A Govt. position of archaeology
    • Sun stays in the 12th House

    Sure Shot Placements for govt. job yoga in free Kundali

    • Jupiter’s placed in 4th House
    • Rahu present in 10th house, and 5th house
    • The ruling planets have their position in 10th, 9th and 1st house
    • Venus-Moon-Jupiter present in the 5th house
    • Ruler of 12th house has its place in 11th house, 2nd house, trine or quadrant and Mars has its location in 11th house, 6th house or 3rd house
    • Mercury has its position in 6th house

    Key Planets of Government Job in online Kundali

    • Sun– Indicates for Public & Govt. Sector Jobs, Career, Leadership quality, Physician, future in Politics, Authority, Position, Medicine
    • Saturn– Constitutes for Coal, Mining, Service, Labour
    • Jupiter– For Intelligence, Fame, Success, Knowledge, Good Luck
    • Mercury– Constitute Insurance, Media, Railway, Communication, Accounts, Journalism
    • Venus– It shows for Literature, Creativity, Music, Designing, Arts
    • Mars– Represents for Surgeon, Lawyer, and Defence
    • Moon– Represent for Travel, Marine, Fishery, Sailing
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