From Free Kundli reading Remedies to Recover Blocked Money


From Free Kundli reading Remedies to Recover Blocked Money

Kundali reading: Out of generosity, we frequently end up lending money to people who require monetary help. Sometimes, we tend to get certain work done. We give the money expecting to get it back or expecting it would bring good returns. However, there are times after we are unable to retrieve the loaned amount. In some cases, the work for which the amount had been paid is not completed and even the cash gets stuck.

This not only causes money trouble and mental stress but conjointly ruins your association with the borrower. All your efforts to recover the finance may bring no results. Instead of getting disheartened in such a scenario, you should have faith in birth Kundali reading and given remedies will help you with getting your blocked money back.

5 Effective Remedies from online kundali reading to Recover Blocked Money

  1. Offering Water to Lord Surya (Sun)

  2. Wake up early morning and after bathing; take some water and 11 seeds of red chilies in a clean brass tumbler. Offer this water to the Sun (Surya) God while chanting the Lord Surya Mantra to seek his help in recovering the money. You must recite the Surya Mantra (Om Adityaya Namah) 101 times at a stretch.

  3. Cowrie-Shell

  4. If people refuse to return your loaned money, you can get benefit from this simple remedy. Take two cowrie-shells (mostly called as ‘Raja-kauri’) and throw these cowrie-shells outside the residence/house of the person who owes you the money (You can find these cowrie-shells from any pooja shop or general store near you).
    This will help change the thoughts of the individual so that he returns your money out of his own will. But ensure you do this remedy secretly and no one sees you doing this.

  5. Wednesday Remedy

  6. You have to perform this remedy on any Wednesday. To get the best results, you should perform it on a moonless night of Krishna Paksha. In the evening, prepare 5 poories only using sweet oil/ghee. Create a heap of those poories and draw a Swastika on the topmost one. After that, pour some mustard oil thereon. Prepare a lamp from the dough of wheat flour and then take red or yellow-colored flowers and apply vermillion on the lamp.

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    Make sure that while following the remedies, you take the name of Lord Ganpathi. Request the god’s help with getting your money. Then, take some black lentils and black mustard seeds in your left palm and chant the below-mentioned mantra 21 times in a row. After completing chanting of the mantra, put few seeds on the lamp and some on the heap of poories. Take this heap and secretly place outside the residence of the person who owes you the finances. It will help you in getting back your blocked money/cash.
    • Mantra to be chanted:

    • “Om Ha Hien Hoan Hain Hum Hey Ramabhyo Namah
      Mam Dhan Pratrigra Kun Kru Swaha”

  7. Monday Remedy

  8. Do this remedy on any Monday of Shukla Paksha. Take a white-colored paper and write the name of the person who owes you the money with red-colored ink in the centremost part of the white paper. Put some sesame seeds and two white-colored flowers on it and then fold the paper with all the ingredients inside.

    Hold the folded paper in your palms and chant “Om Namah Shivaya” mantra for 108 times in a row. After that, offer the folded paper to any Shivling and then do the ritual of jal-abhishek and seek god’s help for getting the blocked money. You need to follow this remedy for 21 consecutive Mondays.

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  9. Camphor Remedy

  10. Practice this remedy on any Wednesday of Shukla Paksha. Prepare camphor kajal and use a wooden stick to write the name of the person/borrower on a white paper with the kajal. Put the paper aside and place a heavy object/thing on it. This will push the borrower/person to repay the loaned amount to you.

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