Free Online Kundali and Gun Milan for Marriage

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Free Online Kundali and Gun Milan for Marriage

Online Kundali Matching is an easy and genuine method to match Kundalis of two individuals before marriage to lead a happy and successful married life.

The Kundli is a graphical chart representing the position of celestial bodies like stars and planets on a particular event such as the time of birth of a person. A kundli is very necessary to do astrological calculation and prediction.

So, while making a kundli of a person the position of planets, date of birth, time of birth as well as place of birth these four attributes are mainly needed. According to Vedic Astrology the position of the planets in the natal chart (kundli) have some influence over a person’s destiny and characteristics and marriage life. Kundali Matching is very important nowadays before any marriage.

How A Kundli or Birth Chart is Read?

Once the Kundli is prepared, an astrologer reads it by considering these five things:
  • Degree of your rising sign
  • Degree of planet at the time of birth
  • Features or characteristics of the planets
  • The houses in which planets are placed
  • Zodiac signs possessed by various planets

Considering the planetary positions mentioned in Kundli, a good astrologer can predict the future life events that are going to happen in a person’s life. Kundli reading is unique to an individual as not everyone has the same time of birth and place of birth. While the accuracy of kundali milan before marriage is based on the experience and efficiency of an astrologer.

What is Kundli Matching ?

Kundali matching by name is the summation of two Kundlis or birth charts of two individuals to check the degree compatibility and association in their married life. This compatibility check can reveal many things about the relationship status between two individuals after marriage.
Kundli Milan between two individuals will let them know about how celestial bodies like stars and planets will influence their married life and how to take right decisions in order to have a blissful married life. A good astrologer matches numerous attributes like from mental compatibility to sexual compatibility to health and finance etc.

Free Online Kundli Milan by Name:

You can avail Kundali Milan by Name service online by even without your birth details by going through . Moreover Kundali Matching by Name can give detailed analysis of your marital life based on you and your partner;s birth chart. In order to get free online kundli milan by name you have to give your name and your partners name.
We at also provide gun milan by name in hindi service by our best astrologers.

Free Online Gun Milan for Marriage :

Gun Milan is very important before marriage to understand the compatibility between two people and it is a part of kundali matching. Gun Milan by name and date of birth is generally a process that evaluates 8 parameters called as Kuta. These ‘kutas’ are allocated points that are called ‘Gunas’. The total sum of these ‘Gunas’ are 36 and it is very essential that at least 50% of the Guna points shoul match. This process is also called as Ashtakoot Milan which means ‘Matching of 8 Parameters’. The following are the kutas and the characteristics that they represent along with gunas allocated to them (in brackets).

  • Varna (1) assesses work
  • Vashya (2) assesses harmony and loyalty
  • Tara or Dina (3) assesses fortune
  • Yoni (4) assesses understanding and sexual compatibility
  • Graha Maitri (5) assesses interests
  • Gana (6) assesses temperament and personality
  • Bhakoot (7) assesses happiness and mindset
  • Nadi (8) assesses health and offsprings
[1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 = 36] – The Total advisable points between the bride and groom should be at least 50% of 36 i.e., 18.

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