Child Yog in My Kundli: Free Kundli making and reading online


Child Yog in My Kundli: Free Kundli making and reading online

A child is a blessing in the life of a couple. Every couple wishes for a healthy kid who would be a good heir to their legacy and would be a symbol of the love they shared.

However, there are some couples who fail to have a baby due to complications and various issues in their lives. At such a time, they should go for a good Kundli making and free Kundli reading evaluation to see about child yog in it.

When can you expect a child based on your online Kundli?

According to Vedic astrology, the 5th house of the online Kundli reading is responsible for intelligence, good education, and progeny. As such, a study and evaluation of this house in coordination with other planetary positions by an expert astrologer as per child yoga Kundli is necessary for good childbirth.

The astrologer would be able to predict the baby’s birth expectancy and evaluate any problems which linger in it. He would foretell which planets are seeing the 5th

The impact of the other planets is also looked into to evaluate any other problems. By following good solutions, the couple can have a healthy baby soon.

The power and position of the master of Santan bhaav are checked and simultaneously the planet Venus is also studied.


Kundli Yoga for a Healthy Child

Free Janam Kundali yoga’s refers to the planetary positions which functions the life of a person. Different planetary positions have different roles and significance’s in the birth Kundali of a person. Like for childbirth, there are different yoga’s for baby.

  • When the mahadasha of Panchamesh begins and if during that time the antardasha of the planet is present in 5th house, then a good probability of childbearing increases.
  • Likewise, when the dasha of any planet of the 5th house in Chandra Kundli emerges, the chances of progeny rises to high.
  • A dasha of a most powerful planet on the 5th house as child yoga also increases the chances of baby.
  • The occurrence of these astrology yogas and Putra yog predictions is crucial to have a healthy and good baby in the lives of the couple.

Reasons for Childbearing Problems as per Free Kundali by date of birth

Astrology study provides solutions and dimensions to various aspects of a person. Be it health or career, astrology predictions have reasons for both their good and bad occurrence. Likewise, astrology for free Kundli by date of birth to has reasons for childbearing problems of a couple.

  • If any negative planet rules the 5th house, then there is a delay in progeny.
  • If the 5th house is overviewed by a strong malefic planet, childbearing problems are bound to happen.
  • The presence of Mars and Sun in the 5th house and any type of graham in the form of a Santan bhav creates problems in Putra Putri yog.
  • A bad Venus in the horoscope is also a problem for couples when it comes to childbearing.

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