Online Kundali Matching and Gun Milan for Perfect Marriage

kundli matching

A Kundli is a primary birth chart that is required to do astrological prediction as well as analysis. Kundli has a great importance in Hindu Culture as it can be used to predict the future of a person, which will help in making better decisions.

Kundli Milan is the process of matching horoscope of prospective bride and groom to know whether their married will be blissful or not. The main aim is to check the prosperity and longevity of marriage.

Kundli Milan will guide a couple on how to have a charming, peaceful and happy married life. It can also predict about the negative issues that will happen in their married life. So, in this way they can take effective step to avoid these probelms.

Why Kundli Milan Before Marriage is Important?

We know that most of the marriages in India are arranged marriage. In arranged marriage, the two individuals are completely stranger to each other and they have not spent enough time together to know each other properly. So, it is very necessary to know the affinity and compatibility between a couple before their marriage.

So,kundali match by name is an effective technique of matching the qualities and characteristics of bride and groom before marriage. In this way the couple can have a broad idea about each other in an honest way. A couple can get adequate information and prediction regarding their married life by the help of Kundli Milan.

How a Kundli is Made?

One’s exact date of birth, time, and place is necessary to create a Kundli. A good astrologer who is proficient in vedic based astrology takes into account the birth details, placement and features of planets and zodiac signs in one’s kundali for giving out marriage and other predictions. Kundli milan by name and date of birth in hindi service is becoming very popular nowadays because if it’s effectiveness.

Kundli Milan by Name Online:

It is not a big problem if you are not sure about your birth detail as well as your future partner’s birth detail. You can still get kundli matching by name service online by providing your name only.

In order to get Kundli match by name service, it is very essential to fill in accurate official name of the couple in the online form.

What is Gun Milan in Kundli Matching?

The Gun Milan in Kundli Matching is a set of eight characteristics which represents the compatibility or affinity of the prospective bride and groom for a marriage. It checks every quality that is required to make the married life of a couple blissful.

In Vedic Astrology Ashtakuta Gun Milan has 8 components called as ‘Kuta’ and represent some points called as ‘Guna’ & the total sum of points is 36. So, in order to have perfect match at least 50% sum of points i.e., 18 should match.

The most crucial and practical aspects that are analyzed under Guna Milan are prosperity of the relationship between the couple, mental compatibility, mutual satisfaction, manglik dosha, personality matching etc. You can get marriage matching by name and gun milan by name and date of birth service by searching online.

The following are the ‘Kutas’ and the ‘Guna’ points (placed in bracket) that are to be assessed during Guna Milan.

  • Varna (1) assesses Duty
  • Vashya (2) assesses pleasure and loyalty
  • Tara or Dina (3) assesses fortune
  • Yoni (4) assesses and checks sexual compatibility
  • Graha Maitri (5) assesses interests
  • Gana (6) assesses personality and traits
  • Bhakoot (7) assesses satisfaction
  • Nadi (8) assesses health and progeny

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