Make your wedding life glamorous by the best kundali matching for marriage

Make your wedding life glamorous by the best kundali matching for marriage

Do you want to get a successful marital life? By knowing all the similarities, the education, career and their mentality parents get to know how their marital life is in future. Kundali matching helps to solve all the marriage problems in the birth chart of bride and grooms and live a happy future marriage life.

Kundali matching helps to live a blissful life by solving all the problems in the natal chart of bride and groom. Kundali matching is also known as gun Milan in Hindi. All type of people in India believes in the Kundali matching because no one wants the problems in their future life by the heavenly bodies.

Online Kundali matching

Marriage is the festival which reunion all the family members at that time. Kundali matching is the preliminary stage of the marriage ceremony, which helps the two separate souls to make a successful marital life by matching their kundali. The matching of kundali helps to know the affinity level of bride and groom for their marriage.

You can get the report of kundali matching online to know the problems or dosha that creates problems in their future. And it also holds the remedies to these problems which are present in their natal chart for their successful connubial life.

Detail about kundali matching

There are 36 guna available for marriage. As much the guna match between the bride and groom that are considered as the best match for them. You can get the best match for marriage by checking your compatibility score through the kundali matching.

Guna score and compatible check for marriage

  • Varna Koota- 1
  • Vashya koota- 2
  • Tara koota- 3
  • Yoni koota- 4
  • Graha Maitri- 5
  • Gana koota- 6
  • Bhakoot koota- 7
  • Nadi koota- 8

The minimum guna match for marriage is 18. Check the possibilities of marriage by the score of guna below.

  • Guna Below 18:- Marriage cannot be possible
  • Guna Between 18-24:- Possible of marriage /Average matching
  • Guna Between 24-32:- Recommendation of marriage / successful marriage
  • Guna Between 32-36:- Fully recommended / Best match

Kundali matching by name

Marriage is the turning point of both bride and groom along with their family members. When a person enter in to the age of marriage he/she ready for commitment to live with her/his partner till death. In the Hindu marriage Kundali matching takes place in the earlier stage of marriage as a ritual. And the new beginning of marital life starts from here.

Kundali matching by name helps you to give the complete details of marriage by the Ashtakoota through taking the names of bride and groom. If you know the birth names then it helps you find the best match without your birth time.

Kundali matching by date of birth

The influence of moon, stars and the planets affects very much on the horoscope of every single person. Kundali matching by date of birth provide you the accurate solution for your marriage through your date of birth. By the capturing image of heaven bodies in the timing of your birth helps you to analysis of your janam kundali deeply.

To spend your whole life you have to fully understand your partner, get to know details about their families, analyze the behavior of that person and many more. It is the long term process to get the detail information, so make it quickly without any error by free kundali matching.

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