Kundali matching for marriage: Match 36 guna using Ashtakoota and dashakoota

Kundali matching for marriage: Match 36 guna using Ashtakoota and dashakoota

Kundali matching or kundli milan is an ancient Indian system of determining the compatibility between prospective bride and groom. It is a part of Hindu astrology and has been used in India for over five thousand years.

This service offers to match the Kundalis (birth charts) of prospective bride and groom by date, time, place and parental details to calculate their compatibility as per Hindu Astrology rules. The Gun milan is done by highly qualified Vedic Astrologers who are experts in kundali reading.

Traditional marriage details

Most modern weddings are held at home for all couples, but marriages can take place abroad if there is a cultural exchange happening in those areas such as Delhi or Mumbai. Kundali matching will showcase various aspects related to Hindu wedding traditions including Durga Puja rituals and Kumbh Mela practices that have been traditionally performed by devotees over these five days throughout the year from September 6th-30rd on Puri Day (September 9) – here you’ll find some great news about India’s first ever “Hindu Wedding” festival!

How gun milan by name helps for marriage!

According to Vedic astrology, Online gun Milan in kundali matching can be done using the Astakoota marriage matching system. On the basis of their kundali(birth-chart), the eight gunas of both bride and groom are calculated. Gun Milan by name and date of birth follows different systems to pass on ideal outcomes during matchmaking. The compatibility between these eight Gunas decides the fate of a marriage. These Gunas are:

  • Varna(वर्ण):This guna compares the Varna or caste of the couple. The Varna of the bride should either be lower or equivalent to the groom’s Varna. It indicates the spiritual compatibility of boys and girls.
  • Vashya (वश्य): This Guna helps in determining the nature i.e. which one between the two will be more dominating and controlling.
  • Tara (तारा): The birth star or Tara of the groom bride are compared to determine the health conditioning of a relationship subsequently.
  • Yoni (योनि): This guna signifies the intimacy level, sexual compatibility, and mutual love between the couple.
  • Graha Maitri (ग्रह मैत्री): The intellectual and mental connection between the prospective couple can be measured through Graha Maitri Guna.
  • Gana (गण): Likewise this Guna helps determine the compatibility between the personality, behavior, and temperament of the two.
  • Bhakoot (भकूट): This is the most important guna among all. Bhakoot Guna decides whether the match is raj jataka or not. Also can foretell the state of financial prosperity and family welfare after marriage.
  • Nadi (नाड़ी): This guna became the deciding factor for match-making because it tells about childbirth, health condition, financial condition, also the chances of being a widow in marriage.

Kundali milan by name and its importance

According to it, after arranging a relationship through mutual commitment for marriage, both parties are expected by God to find out whether each other’s character meets various requirements concerning those who marry him in order that their future may be happy. Process kundali milan by name usually involves placing them on separate pedestals when they reach puberty so as not waste away since if one falls ill from neglecting his responsibilities, he will need to ask someone else over years to take care.

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