Kundali matching: Best matchmaking for marriage

Kundali matching: Best matchmaking for marriage

There are many people in the society, one can always attract with a particular person where another repels them. Because some couples made for each other from their mothers’ womb. Kundali matching is the best matchmaking process where you find your life partner by solving all your future marital problems from your kundli for an exuberant marriage life.

Marriage is a trust worthy event which can fully happen by the influence of the stars and planets. Kundali milan helps to know the compatibility of bride and groom for their better wedding life. Online kundali matching follows all the vedic rules to let you know all future holding good and bad events with solving them by remedies.

Online kundali matching

Online kundali match is the digital process of kundali milan to enhance the time in the current digitalization. Here all the 36 guna of bride and groom should match according to their birth chart. Online kundali matching follows the ashtakoota and dashakoota, two vedic matching processes by which one can get the accurate and prominent view of the kundali. Like what future holds for them, which problems they face in future, child birth, health problems etc. It provides you the accurate result by which you get helpful in your soothing future.

Kundali matching by name

In Hinduism people have two types of name. One given by looking in to the horoscope or by the astrologer and another by the parents. Kundali matching by name is the process where astrologer match the kundali of bride and groom by their birth name, if any compatible factor match then marriage is possible rather, they take the name which are given by their parents. 18 points have to match in between the couple out of 36 rather marriage cannot be possible and many measure astrological remedies are occurring to perform that.

Get guna score by best kundali matching

Some people get angry suddenly, some people are always happy, some people always face health diseases, some have profession and personal issues and all are coming under 8 guna and you can match them with your compatible partner by best kundali matching for marriage. Where the compatibility and the future happiness calculated and after showing the result parents thinks that marriage is granted or not. Below the guna scores are given.

  • Varna:- 1
  • Vashya:- 2
  • Tara:- 3
  • Yoni:- 4
  • Graha maitri:- 5
  • Gana:- 6
  • Bhakoot:- 7
  • Nadi:- 8

Kundali milan in hindi

Kundali matching is the primary process by which bride and groom match their kundali before marriage to know that marriage is possible or not in between them. Though we are one difference in language do not matter to us. The hindi ancient of kundali matching is kundali milan in hindi by which you can get your matching result in hindi.

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