How to match kundali online: Get best result by online kundali matching by name and date of birth

How to match kundali online: Get best result by online kundali matching by name and date of birth

Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness. Marriage doesn’t make you happy, you make your marriage happy. Online kundali matching is the preliminary process by which you can enter in to a gleeful marital life. Online kundali match not only help you to choose the prime life partner but also get to know all the good and bad qualities with them.

The hindi ancient of kundali matching is kundali milan. Basically, Kundali matching is the collection of 16 samskaras, where all the 36 guna of bride and groom should be checked by the vedic process. Out of all the 36 guna, minimum 18 guna have to match of the couple rather marriage cannot be possible.

Is kundali matching necessary?

Kundali matching is the festival where two unknown/ separated entities come together to form a happiest relationship for future by solving all the problems/dosha from your birth chart, simply it is known as marriage. Get best soulmate for future by free kundali matching, which helps you to know the whole future holding events like pregnancy problems, child birth, job, family problems, health issues, all personal issues and these are also solved by the astrologer.

Matching kundali online

Online kundali matching is the process where the comparison of kundli occur between bride and groom. It is necessary to match kundali accurately for a happy, long term and successful marital life. As per the vedic astrology method and the tradition of Indian online kundali milan is extremely important for marriage. Free kundali milan follows the ashtakoota and dashakoota method where all the 36 guna match between the couple and minimum 18 guna have to match for a successful marriage rather marriage can not be possible. There are huge effects of heavenly bodies on the horoscope so to solve all dosha from kundli and make your marriage life happier.

Maximum guna match for marriage

Kundali match online is the process where 36 guna have to match and there are 8 points which contains different aspects and guna. Below all the guna and their maximum score are mentioned.

  • Varna:- 1
  • Vashya:- 2
  • Tara:- 3
  • Yoni:- 4
  • Graha maitri:- 5
  • Gana:- 6
  • Bhakoot:- 7
  • Nadi:- 8

Data required for kundali matching

Different people have different birth details like birth place, birth time, birth name and many more. Kundali matching by name. is the process where you can match your kundali with your partner by their birth name. Similarly, kundali matching by date of birth can match your kundali according to the date you born. Astrologer takes the snapshot of heavenly bodies in the time of your birth and solve all the dosha problem from your birth chart for a successful marriage. All bad events which occurs in future can solve by the astrologer once kundali match by the astrologer.

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