Why is an online Janam Kundali match needed for marriage?


Why is an online Janam Kundali match needed for marriage?

When people decide to get married, Janam kundali matching becomes a very important task. According to our culture, this is probably the first act that the bride and groom families do to enjoy a happy married life. But do you know what exactly is it? And why it is?

What is a free Janam Kundali?

According to cultures, people are using various future life prediction methods. Indian has developed a future forecasting tool known as Vedic astrology. Being the oldest and most reliable forecasting method Janam kundali predictions works on the basis of horoscopes.

As we have seen, all predictions are entirely based on horoscopes, and this is the basis of astrology. Mapping the position of all the planets at the time of your birth is known as a horoscope, the horoscope represents every aspect of your life based on the position of these planets.

What is the Janam kundali match?

When two people plan to form conjunction, astrologers carefully observe the horoscope compatibility. It is believed that the couple’s planets and stars influence each other’s life when they get married. Therefore, observing their positions from the stars tested, their compatibility is known as Kundli matching.

Astrologers do this through the Ashtakuta system, in which Ashta means eight, and Koot means approach – which means evaluating eight different factors to predict the couple’s future life.

Furthermore, each element denotes special points. Ranking and calculation points are known as attribute matches. The highest of 32 property matching scores. Couples, who are all the 32 factors in the horoscope coincide, are in real terms a pair made in heaven!

As far as compatibility is concerned, couples can blindly rely on horoscope matching. By matching horoscope, couples can understand their marital future properly.

Know what can be known from Janam kundali analysis of couple:

Compatibility check – First and foremost, it clearly shows the compatibility of the couple.

Financial and career prospects – In today’s time, where both husband and wife are working, and every financial decision is a joint decision: it is very important to know each other’s career prospects.

Side effects (defects) of the planets – Astrologers can foresee any kind of harmful effects of planets in the life of bride and groom, by horoscope matching. If any of them are suffering from such defects, they will have to face problems in marital life.

Free Janam Kundli in Hindi reading mainly looks for Mangal Dosh and Shani Dosh, as they play a very important role in the couple’s separation.

Remedies for Dosha – Once the astrologers find out any flaws by matching the horoscope, they also have their remedies! They tell about specific puja to remove the blame. Such a measure assures the couple that they will enjoy married life.

Connect with Aadhaar – As it is said, marriages are decided in heaven: on earth, couples only meet their soul mate. With kundali matching, you can understand each other’s life path and goals. Literally one can connect to the needs of the original soul of both. With this, you can know how you can enjoy an enjoyable lifelong journey.

What more can you ask for? It exposes almost all the key indicators to know about your future spouse. Now that you know understanding zodiac compatibility for marriage is a great step, we have to follow it, do free online Janam kundali in Hindi matching for any other language, and get to know your future partner internally! Visit: Tabij.in or connect on +91 9776190123

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