Can Online Kundali reading Predict Love Marriage?


Can Online Kundali reading Predict Love Marriage?

Making Online Kundli predictions for different aspects of a native’s life and finding out remedies that can reduce/nullify problems as well as bring success & prosperity, is the very basis of the entire purpose of Indian Astrology.

The Kundli of a person has all the information regarding how the destiny of that person is likely to pan out throughout his/her life. Not only this, but the Janam Kundali analysis also provides a solution to the problem that a person is facing by addressing the root cosmic cause of that problem.

Free Kundli reading to know about what kind of marriage written in your destiny:

Since times immemorial, the practice of consulting with a family astrologer for Marriage Horoscope matching is prevalent in India.
This practice is also known as online Kundli reading or Kundli Milan for Marriage and brings out the real compatibility levels that the male & female are seen to have post marriage.

But what about the boy and girl who want to know whether their destiny signifies a love marriage or not?

Well, Vedic Astrology has certain concepts which when applied on the online Kundali of a person decodes the state of love & relationship in life.

A Love Marriage Kundli making and reading Specialist Astrologer looks primarily at the condition of the 5th and 7th houses in the Kundli of an individual apart from other things, to evaluate what the free Kundali signify for the love domain of that person’s life.

  • This is because the 5th house mainly represents love and the 7th house is the house of spouse.
  • If the 5th and or 7th houses have the presence of naturally negative planets like Rahu, Ketu, or Saturn then the love factor gets damaged in life and the chances of a love marriage become very dim.
  • Furthermore, even the more aspects of these troublesome planets on the 5th & 7th houses are considered malefic for love.
  • The Lord of the 5th as well 7th houses also plays an important role in shaping up the condition of love and marriage in a person’s life.
  • A volatile planet like planet Mars holding the lordship of the 5th house signifies bickering with the love partner leading to a subsequent break up in the relationship.
  • Whereas, Mars is the Lord of the 7th house signify mistrust and a deficit of loyalty between the couple.

Positive aspects of naturally beneficial planets like Jupiter or Moon make the 5th & 7th houses positive and promote a healthy & successful love relationship that results in a love marriage.
The current Vimshottari Dasha plays a key role in determining the final outcome of an event of life at a particular time and love marriage is no exception to that.

Last but not the least, the planetary transit in the zodiac signs belt or “Grah Gochar” is a deciding factor in determining the fructification of love marriage in a person’s life.
Now more often than not, there are bound to be some frictions or problems in the love, relationship, and marital domains of an individual’s life.

But, that is where the role of an astrologer comes as the expert astrologer provides the best possible astrological solutions to pacify the negative planetary influences that are posing obstruction in the love or marriage aspect of a native’s life has decades of experience in making astounding predictions about all aspects of their clients’ lives (including love marriage) and the absolutely brilliant astrologers of Tabij Astrology have a track record of suggesting remedies that help in fulfilling the heartfelt desires of their clients!
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