Analyzing Janam Kundali free Remedies for Loan Repayment


Analyzing Janam Kundali free Remedies for Loan Repayment

Are you facing problems in the money matters? Are you debt-ridden? Finding it difficult to pay off your loan? Financial debt from your Janam Kundali predictions or Astrology is a matter that makes numerous people ask such queries.

Do not worry; there are many online free Janam Kundali remedies for debt problems that can help you to get rid of your loans/debts. But before that, it is important to get into the details of your birth chart or Janam Kundali reading as there may be some problems due to astrological combinations.

How to get rid of loans by Reading Janam Kundali Online/Astrology:

Once you have to find the problems in your Janam Kundali free with predictions, you have to check the below mentioned Janmakundali remedies for the debt problems.

  • Worship Lord Sun: – It is advised to give water to the rising Sun daily and chant the Mantra “Om Aditya Namah” along with it. It is an excellent loan remover remedy because the Sun/Suraj/Surya is a symbol of prosperity & success and it is important to worship the planet Sun.
  • Plant an Ashoka & Banana tree: – One of the financial crises online Kundli remedies is to plant trees. Go forward and plant a couple of Banana trees in a temple of Lord Vishnu and make sure to give water daily. Additionally, if you donate its fruits to the poor people then it is a great way to resolve the problems of debt/loans.

You might have a question about what Puja should be performed at home to get rid of the debts. Doing Puja is a great way to get mental peace and find a resolution to the on-going issues in your life.

Puja for clearing debts

Puja is undoubtedly one of the great remedies to the loans/debt issues that you are facing. Doing the below-mentioned Pujas at your home, you should get relief from the on-going problems:-

  1. Burn 5 cloves in Desi clarified Ghee along with camphor daily, while you leave the home. Apply the same on your forehead as a Tilak, this is one of the best remedies to get rid of loans.
  2. Lord Ganesha is taken considered auspicious as per Hindu mythology. Hence, it is suggested to start any new work with the puja of Lord Ganesha so that you achieve success and prosperity in your work.
  3. Every Tuesday, you should do Aarti of Lord Hanuman Ji. Take some Dhani oil and burn some cloves in it while performing the Aarti of Lord Hanuman Ji.

Lal kitab upay for removing debts:

The Laal Kitaab is sort of a boon for the human being and it has the potential to offer Totka to get rid of debts. The lal kitab upay for removing debts are as follows:-

  • It is said that if you take a “Gajra” and offer it in the Mahalakshmi temple for consecutive Fridays for five weeks.
  • Collect 7 feathers of a vulture from the nest and keep them in your locker or the place wherever you keep money or other valuables etc. This is considered to be very effective.
  • Purchase Kumkum on Thursday night and go to the Devi Mata mandir near your house to offer the same. This totka/remedy is effective if you are persistent and follow it for at least 11 Fridays.
  • It is suggested that you should take some jaggery and feed a cow for consecutive 5 Sundays. It is advised that you should use your own hands to feed the cow.

Which day is best to clear debts?

  1. Since Goddess Parvati and planet Moon is associated with Monday, it is the best day to take or repay the loans
  2. If you wish to pay off a previous loan, Tuesday could be a great day. However, refrain from taking a loan/debt on this day.
  3. Mercury planet rules Wednesday and therefore it is not an auspicious day to repay or take loans.
  4. Can we lend money on Thursday? It is suggested to refrain from lending the money on Thursday. However, you can take the loan.

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Money debt in astrology is a problem that can be resolved by following these simple tips/measures. At the same time, keep a check on your expenses and refrain from taking loans as far as possible. Visit: or call on +91 9776190123

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