What is Kalsarp Dosh? Learn its symptoms and prevention measures

Kaal sarp dosh

What is Kalsarp Dosh? Learn its symptoms and prevention measures

Get fre Kaal Sarp Dosh Nivaran Upay through kaal sarp dosh calculator. What is Kalsarp Dosh in horoscope? Let us know about its symptoms and prevention.

According to astrology, the construction of Kaal Sarp Dosh in the horoscope depends on the position of Rahu and Ketu. As per Hindu crystal gazing, if in one’s horoscope, all the malefic planets of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars are put among Rahu and Ketu, at that point Kaal becomes Sarpa Yoga and that individual gets Kaal.know this in detail analysis through our kaal sarp dosh calculator.

All in all, in this dosha, kaal sarp dosh is accepted to be the top of the evil presence and the tail of the Ketu devil between which all the significant planets are put.

What is Kalsarp Dosh?

The position of Rahu and Ketu in a person’s birth cycle is face to face. Both live at 180 degrees. If the remaining seven planets are on one side of Rahu Ketu and there are no planets on the other side, then in such a situation Kalsarpa Yoga is formed. This is called Kalsarp Dosh. However utmost care should be taken to get kaal sarp dosh nivaran.

Sorts of Kaal Sarp:

At the point when all the 7 planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) are stitched in the middle of shadow planets Rahu and Ketu, at that point this yog or Dosh is shaped in Natal Chart. 12 sorts of yogas can be framed in one’s horoscope, for example,

  • Anant Kaal Sarp Yog
  • Kulik Kaal Sarp Yog
  • Vasuki Kaal Sarp Yog
  • Shankhpal Kaal Sarp Yog
  • Padam Kaal Sarp Yog
  • Maha Padam Kaal Sarp Yog
  • Takshak Kaal Sarp Yog
  • Karkotak Kaal Sarp Yog
  • Shankhnaad Kaal Sarp Dosh
  • Ghatak Kaal Sarp Dosha
  • Vishdhar Kaal Sarp Dosh
  • Symptoms of kalasarpa yoga

Kaal sarp dosh symptoms

1. The native often sees a snake in his dream.

2. Not being able to succeed in the tasks even after extreme hard work.

3. To suffer from mental stress.

4. Not being able to take the right decision.

5. Sick family life.

6. Having secret enemies. Handicap

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