Rahu Mahadasha Is Your Worst Enemy. 6 Ways to Defeat It


Rahu Mahadasha Is Your Worst Enemy. 6 Ways to Defeat It

When Rahu mahadasha seems in your kundali it brings legal cases, enmity, jail and more other obstacles in life. The Jupiter Antardasha with the Mahadasha of Rahu is generally good for a person. When it started will brings wealth, knowledge, marriage with beautiful women, spiritual gains and social status etc.

If you are fearing of Rahu mahadasha, consult with astrologer for remedies. Of course, he is correct and genuine. However, it is extremely important to calculate all the aspect of kundali doshas. It can be extremely beneficial if it is well willing of in the birth chart and also in kundali. Let’s discuss the benefic and malefic effect or drawbacks of the Rahu mahadasha during its commanding period according to rahu kaal.

Malefic Rahu Mahadasha

  • As we all well known about Rahu is evil by nature. It becomes eviller when rahu in 2nd house which is a malefic house. It also brings very bad result when it is bother by malefic planets such as Saturn, Mars and Sun. It can also bring bad result if it is posited in either Scorpio or Leo sign. The Scorpio and Leo are weakening place of Rahu according to Rahu ke upay.
  • Rahu can also become harmer if it has created Shrapit Yoga in the chart by sitting with Saturn in any house of your kundali. The planet Sun and Rahu also creates Grahan by sitting in any house in the kundali.
  • During the unpromising of Rahu Mahadasha, you have to come across many problems. During the mahadasha of Rahu it can be highly hazardous for your career, personal life and severe health issues.
  • Hence, it is extremely important to take care of the children and find the rahu remedies. The Mahadasha of Rahu can create legal issues, fight with siblings, enmity with society, political issues, disturbance in influential and governmental people etc. You could face debts during its spell.    

Benefic of Rahu Mahadasha

  • The planet Rahu will speed up the result if gets aspect of the Jupiter, Mars, Moon and Mercury.
  • During the benefit if Rahu mantra the person becomes optimistic, daring, commanding, and friendly.
  • The Rahu also helps to have spectacular career achievement, political link, higher studies and overseas travel. The powerful Rahu kalam makes the native superior, reliable and knowledgeable.
  • It will also be poisonous if the planet Rahu is associated with other planets.

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