How to Deal with the Impact of Dosha in Kundali

How to Deal with the Impact of Dosha in Kundali

How to Deal with the Impact of Dosha in Kundali

People are facing astrological problems in their life like financial problems, marriage problems, breakup issues, getting sick health on regular basis problems in professional life, etc. They do not know that this might be due to Kundali Dosha.

There is a number of Dosha that ruins human life. as per astrology for e.g. Kaal Sarp Dosha, Nadi Dosha, Bhakoot Dosha, Rajju Dosha, Pitra Dosha, Kuja Dosha, Mangal Dosha, Mangalik Dosha, and Guru Chandal Dosha, etc. Dr. Shankara Tiwari Rakesh Joshi is an expert and specialist in providing Kundli Dosh Solutions. You will get a 100% guaranteed solution. A number of people have come to this astrologer for Kundli dosh solution and they have got the desired results.

Get Solve your Kundali Dosh mmediately

Every Kundli Dosh as per Vedic astrology science has solutions, which the best and knowledgeable astrologer knows and can tell you and provide Kundli dosh solution, which is one of the best in India. He gives a 100% guaranteed solution.

Get Rid of Guru Chandal Dosh

Even people know about Kundli dosh, but they have not got proper guidance and solution. People have lost lots of their hard-earned money and time for removing guru chandal dosh but still not got the desired results.

Fact about Pitra Dosha

If still, you are facing such problems consult an astrologer specialist who will help you in identifying the reason for your problem and gives the effective solution. People run from these to get a solution from Kundli dosh but found no results. Here astrology specialist having 18 years’ experience in Jyotish sastra, vastu shastra, which can help you. He is an expert in astrology and providing a guaranteed solution for Pitru Dosh.

How Bhakoot Dosh running your life

He effectively creates a person’s Kundli by reading palm precisely and provides you with his predictions. Many times, there is no Nadi dosh in Kundli but an individual is going through a bad period due to planetary positions. A simple and inexpensive solution is required for Bhakoot dosha.

Remedies from Dosha

  • You have to do Ravi Graha Shanti puja and Shani Graha Shanti puja for removing Rahu Dosh from your Kundli.
  • Your ancestor will get satisfied if you will do “Pinda daan” for getting relief from Pitra Dosha.
  • You can worship your manes on the date of Krishna paksha Ashwina month for Nadi Dosha.
  • You can offer food and clothes to the brahmins at once in Sankranti.
  • If the person suffering from Kaal Sarp Dosha then he can remove it by worshiping a palm tree.
  • If the person offered some kheer to his manes on the day of Monday Amavasya then Rajju Dosha will be removed.

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