Effects & remedies of Rahu Mahadasha in 1st House of your Kundli

Effects & remedies of Rahu Mahadasha in 1st House of your Kundli

Get an exceptional idea & remedies on Rahu in 1stHouse. Know-How Rahu Mahadasha can turn your life in 1st house.

Before proceeding further, knowing the meaning of 1st house, 1st house is commonly referred to as Lagana is the house of identity, physical fitness, features and appearance, and pink health. The planet Rahu occupies an important place in Vedic Astrology. This planet does not exist physically, rather it is a shadow planet also referred to as the North Node of the Moon. Rahu is known as a negative planet which creates illusions and desires of materialistic gains.

According to Hindu mythology, Rahu (the head) & Ketu (the tail) was born out of Svarbhanu (an Asura), when his head got cut off by Mohini (the female avatar of the God Vishnu) when he drank the immortal nectar extracted from the Ksheer Sagar (Samudra Manthan).

Rahu in 1st House:

Rahu in 1st house, often considered as a demon in astrology & a shadow planet, is extremely unobservable. Significant importance has been attached to the role of Rahu. It is believed that it is extremely influential when it comes to human nature, personality, & Method of conduct.

It creates cravings and it wants to have everything in the world. The people who have Rahu in the 1st house may become self-centered & selfish in their approach, they may have a strong ego and may turn towards unrighteous living.

The areas affected due to Rahu in the 1st House:

  • Attitude towards self & others
  • The way you approach life
  • Overall nature of the individual

Effects of Rahu in 1st House:

  • The natives may not share a good relationship with their wives.
  • Their enemies will be terrified of them.
  • They may not be able to accomplish any work and may keep on changing jobs.
  • If Venus is in the 7th House, the natives are likely to be wealthy, but at the cost of their wife’s suffering.

Know the effect of Rahu Mahadasha & remedies of Rahu Mahadasha from here.

Positive impact:

Well, the presence of Rahu in 1st house creates a hunger for success amongst the natives. They strongly wish to climb the social ladder; they want to be richer and more influential than the status into which they were born. They are competitive and this attitude moves them to perform and excel in various areas of life.

Negative impact:

Rahu in the 1st house may turn the person towards immoral and illegal acts. It is likely that the natives may get addicted to drugs and alcohol. The natives of Rahu in 1st house may even suffer from personality disorders.


  • Do regular chanting of Rahu Mantra “Om Brim Rahave Namaha “.
  • Feed birds daily once in a day
  • Do a customary read of Hanuman Chalisa daily
  • Avoid wearing blue clothes
  • Wear a silver chain around the neck
  • Drop coconut in flowing water

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Presence of Rahu can make us grossly materialistic and derail us from the path of goodness and happiness. We have to be very careful with this planet.

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