Effects of Rahu Dosha in your Kundali


Effects of Rahu Dosha in your Kundali

Dosha is stood against your success like a hurdle for which growth in your life will stop during that period. All the bad impact of planet may derivate you. Sometimes Rahu Dosha can lead you to death. So be ready to fight against Dosha in your kundali.

Rahu mahadasha is considered the most destructive Dosha among all Doshas of your kundali. Whether the progress related to business growth, promotion in job, or in the stage of marriage it will harm you most. Rahu Dosha nivaran is very much needed if you are suffering from it otherwise the person may attempt due to the negative of his struggling activities. Rahu Dosha in kundali will destroy your marriage.

Rahu dosha can become the reason for your sorrow and cost unexpected situation in your life. Your growth is not recommended if the couple of planets is not present in an authentic position in your birth horoscope. When the Birth Nakshatra of the groom and bride will not formed a straight line and marriage happen due to rahu mahadasha accident occur sometime it leads to death and separation also. So before your marriage concern with a astrologer specialist and do a  whose horoscope is being matched should not belong to the same at all. Consult with an honest astrologer for Rahu Dosha remedies.

Rahu Dosha effects

  • Huge financial losses occur
  • Possibilities of suitable offend due to which you have to accept a lowly paid job.
  • Weakness, asthma, urinary ailments, cough, cold, and insomnia disease will seem.
  • Conflicts with some people of the immediate community.
  • Quarrel in home which result may Separate you from your family members
  • Fear of life from other people of authority and problems over properties can happen.
  • Chance pf deception by close friends most Increase.
  • Strong disagreements with beloved. Like family members, children, and partners.
  • Sudden loss of money without any reason
  • Losses of a body part due to several hits and injury due to accident.
  • Mental pressure, a concern of possible cheating by friends, and even destruction to one’s family

All Dosha Remedies and Solution:

  1. Rahu shanti puja by organising a grand holy puja with presence of 9 vedic saint is very much essential for Rahu santi puja.
  2. Were Gem stones (Emerald) on right middle finger for rahu dosha cancellation.
  3. Donate Gain to cow, black til (sesame) to pigeons.
  4. Donate black cloths to Priest on Saturday for rahu dasha cancellation.
  5. Gives woollen black blanket to sweeper, or lower caste people for removing Rahu Dosha.
  6. Check Rahu dasha calculator to know how much harmful it’s presence in kundali.

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