Best Pitra Dosha Nivaran tips with remedies

Best Pitra Dosha Nivaran tips with remedies

What is Dosha? Dosha is represented by the collective location of the Sun, Moon, Rahu and Saturn present in the janam kundali or birth horoscope of a person. Such a Dosha gives rise to huddles like personal, familial, and social disturbance time to time in life of the native.

Pitra Dosha

Pitra means father and Sun is the “Karak” of father. In your Kundli sun is present at the 9th house then Rahu’s malefic causes Pitra Dosha for a person. Pitra Dosha is comes to you from debt of the fore-elder. It will reflect to next generation in the horoscope.

Pitra Dosh effects

  • Un favourable environment and arguments on small things with life-partner as well as with your family.
  • Physically handicapped child born.
  • Delay in marriage should occur.

Guru Chandal dosh

The combination of Jupiter and Rahu or Ketu in the natal chart of a person leads to guru chandal Dosh. Jupiter is also known as a guru planet un horoscope, and has a major role in performing Dosha in any one’s kundali. This is almost malefic to the native but beneficial in a such cases when the Ketu and Jupiter are in 12th stage in your kundali.

Guru Chandal Dosh effects

  • You must face problems in your education and career.
  • You may lose jobs and face instability in your life and insecurity with your surroundings.
  • The person will not be able to take appropriate decisions in certain cases.
  • Financial crises arise.
  • Relation of father and son will become poisonous.

Nadi Dosha

Nadi maha dosha is a very serious issue for which a couple will suffer from marriage life. According to Hindu Astrology, Nadi is the eight aspects which is essential to check for every couple for their happy married life. Among the 36 points(gun) of every person, Nadi has been assigned 8 points(gun) which is very essential to match before marriage. Without considering this Nadi point a person will suffer from Nadi dosha. Consult honest astrologer for nadi Dosha parihara.

Nadi Dosha effects

  • When decrease love affection with husband-and-wife occur do Nadi dosh nivaran.
  • Child should affect by mentally and physically.
  • If Possibilities of infertility occur must do Nadi Dosha cancellation.

Remedies to escape from Dosha

  1. You should have to do ravi graham shanti and shani graha shanti puja by doing Pindadaan to your forefather for removing Pitra Dosha from your kundali.
  2. Worshiping a peepal tree on Monday may reduce your chances for Pitru Dosha.
  3. Perform Havan for Chandal Yoga Nivaran Pooja to take Jupiter’s blessing which is need for removing Guru Chandal Dosh from your kundali.
  4. Organise a grand Nadi Dosha Nivaran puja for removing Nadi Dosha from your kundali.

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