6 Myths About Rajju Dosha Keeps You down from Growing


6 Myths About Rajju Dosha Keeps You down from Growing

When the Nakshatras of the Girl and the Boy should not fall within the same Rajju, the marriage has to stop or have to choose a different bride or groom for the compartment. These cases come under Rajju Dosha, when kundali of both are becomes incompatible.

Marriages are made in heaven but they are matched by astrology specialist in different methods on earth. Rajju Dosha is considered as the most destructive Dosha among all Dosha. It became sometime the most ever reason of sorrow in marriage life. Horoscope of girl and boy are matched through Indian astrology with the basic principle of birth nakshatra.

Some Essential Fact about Rajju Dosha

There are different kind of Rajju Dosha. All types of Rajju have their own importance in accordance to Vedic astrology.

  • If the Nakshatras of that particular groom are in the Aroh order and the nakshatras of particular bride are in the Avroh order, then they will enjoy their married life for a long time happily by enjoying the suspicious joy of marriage.

Effect of Rajju Dosha in Marriage

  1. if the nakshatras of bride and groom are in the Pad Rajju, then their relationship goes far.
  2. If the Nakshatras of husband and wife are placed in Uru Rajju, then they have to face such financial problems in their married life.
  3. If couple’s Nakshatras are placed in Nabhi Rajju, then they may get adverse effects in concern of pregnancy. Kanth Rajju is not conductive to success for girls.
  4. If the nakshatras of bride and groom are placed in Kanth Rajju, then wife have to face problems in life after marriage which is harmful.
  5. Similarly, if the Nakshatras of couple are placed in Shiro Rajju, then husband may face such problem like accidental death or severe illness in life after marriage.
  6. If the nakshatras of both husband and wife are in different Rajju, then they will live a happy married life forever.

Remedies of Rajju Dosha

  • Cheak the longevity of the girl before marriage and the presence of her kundali in not in 7th and 5th place.
  • Cheak the boy may not have Bhakada Mahadsha and Makara Dosha in his kundali.
  • Do a Guru Gobardhan Puja after kundali matching.
  • IF the bride having Kuja Dosha in her kundali marry her with a sand paper tree.

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