3 ways to defeat Rajju Dosha in Kundali


3 ways to defeat Rajju Dosha in Kundali

There is various type of dosh in kundli. Rajju Dosha is considered as the most destructive Dosha among all the doshas in related to marriage compatibility. Especially the Madhyama Rajju Dosha will ruin your marriage to separation.

Rajju dosha can become the reason for sorrow in your life and unexpected situation my arises. The marriage is not recommended if the birth stars of the couples are in one straight-line Vedha to each other. The basic principle is that the Birth Nakshatra of the groom and bride whose horoscope is being matched should not belong to the same Rajju at all. Consult honest astrologer for rajju Dosha remedies.

Rajju Dosha effects

  • Married couple face financial problems in their life.
  • When Couple may face mental-tensions use rajju Dosha calculator to stop separations.
  • Distress & Conflicts in married life which may tend to Divorce.
  • Health problems will drag you down in each & every moment.

Bhakoot Dosha

Bhakut Dosh can be of 3 types. If Moon signs of both boy and girl are placed at a distance of 4 and 12 signs with respect to one another, then the kind of dosh formed called as Dwi Dwadash bhakoot dosha. If both groom and bride have their Moon signs placed at a distance of 8th and 5 signs with respect to one another then the kind of dosh formed is called Navam Pancham Dosha. If both boy and girl have their Moon signs within distance of 7th and 8 signs with respect to one another Shadashtak Doshais formed. Do pooja for Bhakoot dosh for bhakut dosh ka nivaran.

Bhakoot Dosh effects:

  • When Bhakoot Dosh arises in kundali it brings major health issues, misunderstanding, and financial crises, sudden death problems, etc use 6-8 bhakoot Dosha remedies technique.
  • There will be problems with couple like a dissatisfied physical relationship in the marriage.
  • Bhakoot Dosha after marriage will makes you to face constant fights and misunderstanding in your relationship which can lead separation. Do Bhakoot dosh cancellation for living blissful life.
  • If Bhakoot Dosha comes in combination with another malefic Dosha it leads to death in your kundali, use Bhakoot dosh remedies.
  • Use Bhakoot Dosha calculator to know how much harmful it’s presence in kundali.

All Dosha Remedies and Solution:

  1. Bhakoot shanti puja by organising a grand hawan with presence of saint is very much essential for Bhakoot Dosh ka nivaran.
  2. Were Gem stones for rajju dosha cancellation.
  3. Donate Moong Daal to cow, black til (sesame), blue clothes, a woollen black blanket to the sweeper, or lower caste people for removing Rajju Dosha.

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