Free Birth Chart Analysis: how much rasi chart helps you?

Free Birth Chart Analysis: how much rasi chart helps you?

Examination of your Vedic birth chart to evaluate the chart of your life from free birth chart analysis & also get an accurate birth chart online for you.

The Vedic chart analysis is a method to get your perfect and trusted birth chart Tamil to know your now and tomorrow.

Free birth chart analysis only needs your name, date, and time of birth, to analyze your birth chart based on astronomy planets and finds detail regarding your life.

How did my Vedic birth chart analysis mean?

Your astrology chart also acknowledged as your natal chart or your Vedic birth chart analysis is a chart of the heavens as they were on your date of birth, at the time of your birth, as viewed from your place of birth.

The circular wheel of the free Vedic birth chart online shows the location of all the planets in relation to the signs of the zodiac and the houses of the natal chart.

Interesting fact: the correct name for the wheel in your Vedic chart interpretation is “horoscope”, from the Greek hora (time) and skopos (observation). So, in fact, the horoscope is the map wheel itself, and not the short predictions that we now associate with the word horoscope!

Your Vedic astrology chart is an important astrology tool – nothing happens without it! It’s pretty tricky to figure it out by hand, but luckily these days modern software can do it in seconds, and our Birth chart calculator will instantly create yours.

Is the Vedic astrology birth chart accurate?

Good question! The short answer is yes, if your time of birth is accurate, so it is really important to give exact time and date.

Although most planets move relatively slowly (with the exception of the Moon), some important angles in the Vedic astrology birth chart can change very quickly. For example, the degree of the Ascendant or rising sign changes every four minutes.

And these angles are often used when calculating other important parts of the chart, so if the birth time is not accurate, ripples can occur with the accuracy of the rest of the rasi chart.

Fortunately, our Vedic astrology chart analysis can handle unknown birth times using a special calculation process that helps eliminate uncertainty.

An astrological chart with an unknown birth time will never be as complete as a Vedic chart wheel with the correct birth time, but it can still be very useful and revealing for astrological analysis.

Analysis of your birth chart astrology:

Your birth chart will look like a large circle containing lines, symbols, and a smaller center circle.

Inspect the wheel rim first. You should see that it is divided into twelve segments, each with a symbol for one of the zodiac signs.

Then look at the twelve lines extending outward from the center circle. They divide the wheel on the map into twelve “pieces” that probably do not match exactly with the segments of the zodiac signs.

These parts are astrological houses and will be counted from 1 to 12, beginning at the 9 o’clock position on the chart and moving counterclockwise.

Each birth chart astrology represents an area of your life: for example, the fourth house is dedicated to your home and family life and the seventh house is dedicated to love and relationships.

Has your Vedic astrology chart with interpretation changed?

Never, but it’s different in some cases

Since you cannot modify the date, time and place of birth, your birth chart online will always be the same; remember, this is a letter from heaven at that moment, the moment of your first breath when you entered this wonderful world.

However, astrologers can handle your Vedic astrology chart with interpretation in many valuable techniques to give insight into how your life has grown and changed.

There are various different ways for a Vedic birth chart, and interpreting a natal chart is a great first place to start! To know more and get advice from experts visit or call us at +91-9776190123.