Rahu in 3rd House: Effects & Remedies from Best Astrologer in India

Rahu in 3rd House: Effects & Remedies from Best Astrologer in India

Get an exceptional idea & remedies on Rahu in 3rd House. Know-How Rahu Mahadasha can turn your life in 3rd house.

Rahu symbolizes materialism and mischief. It may also stand for theft, bad habits, speculation, the underworld and so on. When Rahu enters the 3rd house, it may intensify the wrong aspects in the 3rd house as per Vedic astrology.  The natives of Rahu in the 3rd house can also become taboo-breakers or hold revolutionary ideas. These persons may even use their occult understanding to misuse legal loopholes.

The areas affected due to the Rahu in the 3rd House:

  • Ambition
  • Career and profession
  • Relationship and bonding
  • Spirituality and higher learning

Know the effect of Rahu Mahadasha & remedies of Rahu Mahadasha from here.

Positive Traits/Impact:

The natives of Rahu in the 3rd house may want their message to be heard, whether in the cinematized, written, or broadcasted form.  They have a hunger to excel and become popular. They will prefer professional fields like publishing, literature, journalism, media, advertisement, interviews, translation, travel records, mediation and so on as per Rahu in the 3rd house career astrology. These natives can even fabricate fake stories and manipulate them in order to gain glory each time.


Negative Traits/Impact:

If Rahu gets afflicted, it may cause harsh speech, illegal cohabitation, pilgrimage, secluded life, evil thoughts, impediments, ill-health, obstacles, injuries in accidents, change of residence, worries due to children and financial losses, inability to lead an independent life and also suspicious nature.


  • Do regular chanting of Rahu Mantra “Om Brim Rahave Namaha “.
  • Feed birds daily once in a day
  • Do a customary read of Hanuman Chalisa daily
  • Avoid wearing white clothes
  • Wear a silver or copper chain around the neck
  • Drop coconut in flowing water or river

The placement of the malefic Rahu in the 3rd house is not very smooth or easy coming together. While there are many better points in that 3rd house, they are getting eclipsed by the non-positive presence of Rahu. However, things can be made better if we keep in mind the astrological facts and act accordingly to it. Planetary positions symbolize the effect of accumulated karma. But for sure, we have the option and power to change all these.

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Presence of Rahu can make us grossly materialistic and derail us from the path of goodness and happiness. We have to be very careful with this planet.

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