Online astrology consultation for accurate astrology solution

Online astrology consultation for accurate astrology solution

Best astrology in India to find solution for all worry & Free online astrology consultation gives answer for every question of life.

Indian astrology, commonly known as Hindu astrology, is a fundamental form of astrology. Vedic astrology is an important part of the ancient scriptures of India, known as the Vedas, which existed thousands of years ago and served society by then.

The Vedas are the source of knowledge and consist of six main parts. Online astrology consultation is the eyes of the Vedas. In the modern world, Online astrology is recognized as the most powerful and practical astrology services in the whole world.

Signs, planets and houses in Free astrology predictions

According to Free astrology predictions, there are twelve astrology signs of the zodiac, nine planets and twelve houses. Twelve signs are distributed across twelve houses, and the placement of nine planets in different houses occurs in accordance with the time of birth of a person.

This type of planetary distribution based on time, place and date of birth is called birth chart, natal chart, or horoscope chart. The Free online astrology consultation reflects the power of the planet in the chart – its sign, house, aspects, dominance over the house and connections.

Dasha system a unique methodology of Free astrology consultation

According to the Dasha system in astrology in hindi, the theoretical life span of a person is 120 years, divided into 9 main periods of 9 different planets the Sun (6 years), the Moon (10 years), Mars (7 years), Rahu (18 years)., Jupiter (16 years old), Saturn (19 years old), Mercury (17 years old), Ketu (7 years old) and Venus (20 years old). Each major period is further subdivided into sub-periods in the same ratio as the major periods in free astrology consultation.

The chain of duration continues the same for every character, except for the origin point, which is defined by the exact location of the Nakshatra in degrees and minutes in the Indian astrology by date of birth. Nakshatra or birth star is the sign in which the Moon is at the moment of birth. Thus, the Free astrology report is unique for each person and is one of the most important ways to ensure a better life ahead.

Transit of planets in Online astrology

Transit is another vital tool required for dynamic analysis of a person’s astrology chart. The planets are in constant motion. They periodically change their position. Some planets move very quickly and some are slow moving planets. Best astrologer in India gives a clear picture of what a person can expect during planetary transit.

The purpose of Indian astrology readings

The sole purpose of astrology by date of birth is to inform people about upcoming probable events, challenges and opportunities in his/her life that can help them secure a better future for tomorrow.

free astrology consultation on phone provides the correct knowledge of future events, is a powerful tool that helps you make smarter decisions and is better equipped to deal with problems. It gives the person the ability to actively plan, giving him better control over his life, progress, and happiness.

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