Kundali matching by name: Acquire your foremost desire espousal life

Kundali matching by name: Acquire your foremost desire espousal life

Even a child get birth his/her marriage fixed from heaven. Kundali matching fully depends upon the heavenly bodies and the 7th house of natal chart occur the place for marriage. Kundali match is the process where couple get to know about each other as well as their profession and their choices accordingly.

Kundali matching by name is a process where you can match your kundali according to the respective birth name of bride and groom. If astrologer goes not find any compatible match regarding the name then many processes are there we discussing below.

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Best kundali matching for marriage

Kundali matching based on the birth star, the characteristics of bride and groom are analyzed and the kundali match is calculated. These traditions which our ancestors practiced were passed down to men by lord. There are many matches in the present era with different essence of details provide by the couple from the ancient time. Kundali matchmaking helps you to get the similarities and the dissimilarities between each other then you family member considers that rather future marriage life happy for not, as their decision it is said that marriage is possible or not between two spouses.

Online kundali matching for marriage

Another word coming before the planning for marriage is kundali matching. We know marriages are made in heaven and its come true when two people as different as apple and orange result in spending their future with each other happily. Online kundali matching is the process where you can get your result of marriage matching online by providing details of your natal charts.

Now no one have that much time to know and understand someone before the short period of marriage but online kundali match thoroughly match your horoscope according to the birth chart of bride and groom and successfully give the matching result by curing all the dosha problem in your future to live a problem free wedding life. Match kundali online. to solve all the problems related to your personal, professional and families successfully.

Get the accurate compatibility score for marriage

Kunadli matching is the process where all the eight koota and the overall 36 guna have to be calculated. It is done by the horoscope of bride and groom, as much the score of guna increased possibility of marriage also increased. It is called as the best kundali matching when the score is obtained as maximum and compatible for marriage.

On the basis of the birth detail of bride and groom eight koota should be match. Free kundali matching provides you the effects, score the koota holds and the obtained score of bride and groom.


Koota, maximum score and effects on person

  • Varna koota- 1 – Related to ego of a person
  • Vashya- 2 – Control between marriage and power equation like domination and control over each other
  • Tara koota- 3 – It is help to control the health problems that you are faced in future
  • Yoni- 4 – Get the sexual compatibility after marriage
  • Graha maitri- 5 – Help to find the mental connection between bride and groom
  • Gana- 6 – It helps to know the behaviour and temperament of a person
  • Bhakoot- 7 – Get the financial prosperity, family welfare and love percentage between each other
  • Nadi- 8 – This koota helps to find the problem in health and genes. It also matters in child birth and pregnancy.

For happy successful and blissful life the guna should be match as higher as possible. Below score of kundali match given check your compatibility for marriage and live a blissful life.

  • Below 18:- Marriage cannot be recommended
  • Score in between 18-24:- Possibility of marriage
  • Score in between 24-32:- Successful marriage
  • Score in between 32-36:-heavenly made, highly recommended

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