Influences of free child prediction astrology for pregnancy

Influences of free child prediction astrology for pregnancy

Free child prediction astrology to get benefits of all childbirth prediction secretes or problems during pregnancy with complete analysis.

The importance of childbirth

An interesting example was given to explain the importance of fertilization and procreation in humans. It is said that just as the fertilization of plants and trees produces lovely flowers and fruits, the baby is a gift that comes from the fertilization process.

The lunar fertility is the astrological basis of the menstrual cycle in women, while Mars also plays a role in the astrology for childbirth for free.

Astrology to save you from childbirth problems

According to free child prediction astrology the act of reproduction is carried out taking into account the position of the planets, it can lead to a good, healthy, and intelligent child. This point becomes even more important if some obstacles or difficulty in pregnancy arise during the birthing process. These difficulties in childbirth can occur if your planetary master is in poor condition.

This is the fifth house, which influences the birthing process, etc. To predict the child birth prediction in kundli, the first, fifth, and ninth houses or their master birth horoscope are analyzed. The distribution tables of Ascendant, Navamsa, and Saptamsa are considered, and both houses, the fifth and the ninth, are observed at the birth of the child, or according to my kundali when will i get pregnant free?

Important rituals for the childbirth.

The third month is very important for the pregnancy since at this stage its parts begin to form and then the sex of the baby is also determined. Therefore, pumsavana sanskar (baby shower) is important during the third month based on kundli child prediction.

Pumsavana Sanskar can also be performed with Simant Sanskar in the sixth month. Seimant Sanskar is also called Kesh Sanskar because the child hair begins to develop around this time according to child birth astrology.

Planets and Child development by child birth prediction

Furthermore, in child prediction by date of birth free online, various planets are also mentioned, which help in the later stages of child birth prediction. Venus in the first month, the Moon in the second month, Jupiter in the third month, and the Sun, the Moon, Saturn, Mercury in the remaining months (from the fourth to the ninth).

On the other hand, the Sun is in control of the 10th month (when contractions begin). Also, certain days and planets are considered favorable for insemination (Days: Shashti, Ashtami, Chaturdashi, Amavasya, Purnima, etc.; Planets: Uttara, Falguni, Hasta, Anuradha, Rohini, Swati, Shravan, etc.) which need to be study properly by pregnancy prediction horoscope free.

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