How Marriage Prediction judge marriage compatibility with your partner: Guide you with remedies


How Marriage Prediction judge marriage compatibility with your partner: Guide you with remedies

If a marriage proposal is brought to the parents, they consult an astrologer and take the help of Free marriage Prediction reports. For marriage prediction, there are many rules in astrology. We are going to explain a couple of rules to know when will you get married prediction by simplest ways with remedies to avoid Late marriage.

Accurate Marriage Prediction by your Date of Birth:

If you have your date of birth time and place of birth you can just explore Marriage prediction Calculator by filing your data. Once you have your Marriage age prediction, look for Mahadasha Chart for marriage prediction. Remember Marriage prediction date birth is not a big deal.Under this Mahadasha table you will find the sub periods of other planets. Look for the current period of ten years from 2020 to 2029. (if your marriage age is running)

The order of Mahadasha is as follows…

  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Mars
  • Rahu
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Mercury
  • Ketu
  • Venus

  • Know your Astrology by date of birth for Marriage!!
    The Marriage Prediction by date of birth is done of both the horoscopes or kundlis to understand if the horoscopes of both the match. The Marriage kundali Matching for marriage would let us know if the partners are compatible with marriage by various methods out of which the main system referred to is the Ashtakoota Guna Milan system.

    In this system, points or Gunas are given to eight factors:

    Varna – This gives us information about the basic potential of a person, his inherent skills and abilities according to four types of personality.
    Vashya – This tells us about the dominance in the partnership of marriage. It also shows the magnetic attraction between the partners.
    Tara–This lets us know if the marriage would be beneficial to the health and well-being and the compatibility of the couple. It also lets us know about good fortune and longevity. Here maximum Gunas can be scored.
    Yoni – This lets us know about the sexual and biological compatibility and also the love and sexual inclinations of a person. Sexual tendencies are described as animals. Certain animals are enemies or have an affinity with each other.

    Maximum Gunas for this factor are

    Graha Maitri – This tells us about progeny, harmony, and affection. It also shows the psychological compatibility of the couple.
    Gana Dosha – This lets us know about the outlook on life. The highest score for this is when the partners have an identical outlook to life and the number of Gunas to be gained here.
    Bhakoot Dosha– This lets us know that if the marriage and the family created by marriage would become prosperous. It would also tell us about longevity, happiness or sorrow, children, and health. Here we can gain a maximum of 7 Gunas.
    Nadi Dosha– This compares the body doshas of a person i.e. Vat, Kapha, Pitta. It also shows spiritual compatibility, genetic compatibility of the couple, and whether the couple will have a long life together.
    Also, if there are some Doshas in the kundali reading for marriage Astrology, there are various astrological marriage remedies available to have a happy married life. Let’s see some of the astrological remedies for bringing peace and happiness into the married life of a couple Matching of horoscopes is very essential before marriage as per Marriage prediction in Astrology.


    • Fasting on Fridays is advised to appease Goddess Laxmi as it will help in increasing the happiness and relationship between the couple.
    • Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati need to be worshipped regularly.
    • Chanting of Vishnu Sahasranam once a day or the Gayatri mantra 108 times helps keep away negative energies.
    • Matangi Yantra must be worshipped and its mantra chanted 108 times daily.
    • Shree Lalita Sahasranama should be recited daily as an astrological marriage remedy to bring happiness.


        Avoid eating non-vegetarian food on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday to reduce the clash of opinion between the couple.
        The southeast corner of the house should have a red bulb placed in it.
        If a weak Venus is in the marriage horoscope, a diamond ring of 3 – 5 carats should be worn in the ring finger to enhance the love between the couple.
        Mangal Dosha Shanti is advised if Mangal Dosha is present as per marriage astrology.
        Kalasarpa Dosha Shanti needs to be performed if one of the spouses is suffering from Kala Sarpa Dosha.
        Sweets to be donated barefoot on a Tuesday along with the spouse.

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