Free horoscope matching: Get an enchanted marital life

Free horoscope matching: Get an enchanted marital life

As we know marriage is the most important part for everyone. But another festive is also played a crucial moment before marriage and that is called as horoscope matching. If you want to solve all your future problems in your natal chart and live a joyful marital life then go by free horoscope matching for marriage.

Horoscope matching is also known as kundali matching. Where all the similarities and dissimilarities are check in between bride and groom to check rather the marriage is possible or not for marriage. Vedic horoscope matching is following the rule that help you to solve entire your problems in future.

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Details about kundali matching

From the generation to generation all the techniques are changed but the process kundali matching do not change till now. It is the hallowed bond between two different entities where both can agreement for a successful, happy and problem free marital life. Vedic horoscope matching is the festive which follow all the rule of Ashtakoota and Dashakoota. All the ancient propaganda is there by which a fortunate marriage should be performed. Either in love or arrange marriage family member always refers to the best kundli matching for their children, Which helps them to find the best ideal mate for future.

Guna that helps for horoscope matching

The process free horoscope matching based on the snapshot of the both kundali of bride and groom. The position of planets in the mean time of the birth helps to match the kundali of couple and as much the guna match the acceptance of marriage is increased. The minimum guna for kundali matching is 18 and the maximum is 36. Below the point 18 is not consider or rejected for marriage otherwise much problems are faced in their future marriage life.

Guna and their respective criteria

Are looking for the quality rather it holds in your life partner or not? Do you want stars nod their head for your marriage then online kundali matching holds all the solution of your problems and helps you find out your perfect soul mate. Know all the guna and their role in the time of horoscope matching, which shows impacts on your future.

  • Varna: – Get the match of varna
  • Vashya: – Love and attraction between each other
  • Tara: – Durability or lastingness of your bond
  • Yoni: – Characteristic, behaviour and nature
  • Graha maitre: – Friendship and understanding each other
  • Gan: – Mentally harmony or not
  • Bhakoot: – Leadership and domination between one and all
  • Nadi: – Child birth assumption

Online kundali/horoscope matching

Now many a processes comes under the marriage matching. By taking the name, date of birth, birthplace and birth time easily the kundali matching process continues. Because people modified their activities with respect to the modern style so marriage making is now online where you provide your details and your report should be come by online horoscope matching. It follows all the vedic rules and provides you the accurate result by all your guna with the help of the snapshot of planetary elements.

Many people do not have birth time, some have birth name, and some have date of birth. But only providing one correct detail you successfully get your matching report. Like horoscope matching by name gives you the report of your kundali by just providing your name, horoscope matching by date of birth provide your matching report by your actual date of birth. So do not be hesitate and further any problem you can directly talk to our astrologer by calling on +919776190123 or visit

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