Exalted Rahu in 5th House of Horoscope

Exalted Rahu in 5th House of Horoscope

When working positively, exalted Rahu placed in the fifth house of a horoscope can bless the native with good results related to marriage, profession, finances, children, fame, authority and many other types of good with bad results.

Rahu is a malefic planet inside the celestial cabinet. It is a shadow planet and does not exist physically. It’s just an astronomical reference point in space-time, which does not have any physical, chemical properties but it holds a lot of importance astrologically. Rahu exerts a lot of influences on the lives of natives. Rahu stands for materialism and mischief.

Rahu Mahadasha:

When Rahu is negative in a horoscope, it causes materialistic tendencies, dissatisfaction, fears, distorted mental makeup, and fantasies. And once Rahu, the planet of illusion enters the 5th house (which signifies love life, pleasures, children, etc.), it may lead to individuals who seek recognition and privilege roles that make them stay in the limelight.

Know the effects of Rahu Mahadasha & Remedies to overcome it.

The areas affected due to Rahu in the 5th House:

  • Expression and creativity
  • Parenting
  • Marital life
  • Profession and career

Positive Traits/Impact:

5th house represents romance, creativity, happiness, children, hobbies, innovations, sports, movies, stock Trading, Gambling, & risk-taking abilities, education, ancient texts, etc.

Becoming famous and well renowned has a lot to do with being Rahu in 5th house. It is a splendid placement for individuals who want to achieve success in artistic fields. Everything seems to be perfect with their wealth and career. The natives ofRahu in the fifth house tend to take on as many roles in life as needed to edge their way towards success. The placement ofRahu in the 5th house is very helpful to become a successful politician, actor or sportsperson.

Negative Traits/Impact:

This placement of Rahu makes one’s married life difficult, the possibility of loss through marriage and more than one marriage could be possible. Also, there may be something unusual about progeny like infertility problems, surrogate birth, foreign adoption, sudden-unexpected pregnancy, or no pregnancy. Rahu in a Rashi (moon sign) of Saturn may make the couple not comparable. There will always be something unusual in the circumstances of conceiving the first child.

Besides, there may be stomach problems either to the native or spouse. They need to watch out for difficulties with the heart and lungs, as per the effect of Rahu in the 5th house.



  • People should keep a statue of an elephant made out of silver for marital disputes.
  • Feeding birds is another effectual way to mitigate Rahu’s ill effects.
  • Storing water in the south-west corner of your home is also one of the effectual remedies for Rahu.
  • You should try to wear dark blue coloured clothes as much as possible.
  • Keeping and feeding dogs on a regular basis also help.
  • If Rahu is unfavourable, you should always cover your head with a cap, scarf, or turban, dark blue in colour if possible.

Rahu is about illusion & deception. The natives of Rahu in the 5th house aspire for fame and glory but they may go a bit too far in their pursuit. They may get deluded by Rahu the deceiver, & so they might do unrighteous means and methods in order to accomplish their goals. As we know that unrighteousness is eventually destined to crash, so these natives need to be very careful in this regard. Indeed, both, end and means need to be righteous.

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Presence of Rahu can make us grossly materialistic and derail us from the path of goodness and happiness. We have to be very careful with this planet.

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