Get absolutely free online Janam kundali in Hindi Reading


Get absolutely free online Janam kundali in Hindi Reading

Every big event in our life like marriage, childbirth, or a major career change is predicted using our birth chart and can be traced with the help of a Free Janam Kundali in Hindi reading.

It’s accurate to say that one’s fate is decided at the time of his birth that they can decipher in their Janam kundali. With the help of an expert Astrologer, one can decode the meaning of their free Janam Kundli by date of birth and time and decide what course of action they are planning of running on. With the help of a Free Kundli reading, you can get the predictions of your Future through your online Janam kundali.

Important and benefits of Janam Kundali reading:

From reading Janam Kundali we get past, present, and future- It is a way for every individual to know every major event and milestone beforehand. It shows our character traits, way of behaving, our relationships, career, job, and how and when good things happen in our lives.

A Janam Kundali in Hindi contains all the answers one could ever have about their future. Free kundli Predictions can help you know what time you are going through today and what time could you face tomorrow; all this will benefit even the most confident person. Every happing happening, high and low, every big event and ailment all are represented in your birth chart so that you needn’t worry about your future at all.


Free Janam Kundli analysis can help you understand your true potential and what career you must opt for. It can study even your deepest secrets and desires only to provide you with all the information needed to live a problem-free life. By analyzing your future you can put all your knowledge to great use and achieve greater things in life.

Free kundli reading- what does the various aspect mean?

As mentioned earlier, kundli reading astrology defines several aspects in your kundali.
There are nine planets like Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and so on. 12 Zodiac signs like Aries, Taurus, Gemini, cancer, and so on. Nakshatras like Ashwini Nashatra, krittika Nashatra, Mrigashira Nashatra, and so on.


  • First House: House of self
  • Second House: House of Family and Wealth
  • Third House: House of siblings
  • Fourth House: House of Mother and Happiness
  • Fifth House: House of children and knowledge
  • Sixth House: House of Debts, Diseases, and Enemies
  • Seventh House: House of marriage and partnership
  • Eighth House: House of Longevity
  • Ninth House: House of luck, Father, and Religion
  • Tenth House: House of career or profession
  • Eleventh House: House of income and gain
  • Twelfth House: House of expenditure and Losses

Combining all the aspects an astrologer can determine many important facts of your life. Moreover, with the help of your Lagna one can determine which planets have the most sway over you, which planets and their transits are beneficial for you.

Advantages of Kundli:

Your free kundli is that the ostensibly small document that carries all the information of everything important to you – can be like your past lives, family, spouse, career, love, marriage life, death, and everything else in between. Your kundli describes a lot of things, some of which include:

  1. The planetary position and their effects from your kundli.
  2. Your strengths and weaknesses, to motivate you move ahead in life.
  3. Find various doshas (mangal dosha, kaal sarp dosha) in your Janam kundli and remedies to get rid of them.
  4. Daily horoscope, life predictions, and remedies for a better living.
  5. Describes your spouse, love life, married life, and more.
  6. Sade Sati analysis, remedies, panchang, lal kitab debts, etc., mahadasha report, daily/monthly/yearly predictions, and more
  7. Kundali matching for a happily married life.
  8. Which gemstones are beneficial, yantras, rudraksha, mala, jadi (roots), etc., perfect for you
  9. Auspicious muhurat and most important events and functions in your life.

How to Get Your Free Kundli

Free Janam kundali analysis is an easy and simple task as long as you know your birth details. In order to attain your free horoscope, simply visit and fill in the kundli form and get the report Avail on +91-9776190123

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