Free Love Marriage Problem Solution by Specialist Baba Ji

love marriage problem solution

Free Love Marriage Problem Solution by Specialist Baba Ji

What do you have to do in a married life? Do you suffer questions about marriage problem solutions? Is your marriage time running out and you are worried about what must be done for avoiding such conditions? Here we provide services about Love Marriage Measures, Love Marriage Additions, Love Marriage problem solutions.

Many kinds of people are found confused about their marriage in the world, some people have support, some are a little foolish, and some learn a lot before their age. We too often take wrong steps in a hurry, so while taking this very important decision, keep in mind that we have to work with patience for a love marriage problem solution. You don’t have to lose your temper so that you should not take any wrong step, etc. There are so many things which should be kept in mind for a marriage.

Simple tips before engaging love/arrange marriage

If you have measured your situation for a love or arrange marriage well and still feel that it is okay for you to take action now, and then read further, otherwise emphasize the study/job in your life because it will be more useful later.

A simple tip for marriage problem solutions is that if you are keen to get married then wear dark colored clothes and keep using that color in your life, because black color will take you away from your cause. The reason for this is that black color symbolizes Shani Dev and Rahu and Ketu planets, wearing this color has more effect in your life and they are considered harmful for all the marriages and marriage problems.

If you live in a city alone due to study or job, then it is often that you rent a room, and after renting, share it with another partner, that is, you share half-and-half to the room. In such a situation, if you want your love marriage early, put the bed close to the door.

Another very effective recipe is that if you are taking remedies for your marriage, then when you are bringing a good relationship to your house, then sit it in the house with the mouth facing inside the house, and if you mouth them out of the house If you sit on the side of it, you will find that there will be interruptions and other problems in the marriage.

If you do not get satisfaction in these remedies, then you should show your horoscope to any astrologer, it would be better if you have a good love marriage specialist.

Two major types of love marriage problems

Family probems

It is often seen that a boy-girl wants to do love-marriage, but their parents do not agree for love-marriage and create a big problem between boys and girls. Often seen in the world, India is the only country where parents keep their child against love marriage. Because in India, socially, love marriage is considered very bad, due to this reason, parents do not allow children to love marriage.

Planetary problems

When the ill effects of the planets are going on, the boys and girls are not able to make love and marriage even after trying millions, it is because some planets are bad in the birth chart of the boy or girl and such reason they have to raise the trouble. In such situations you must need alove marriage problem solution.

Remedies for Love marriage problems

If this is the case, then tell yourself or someone who has a same marriage problem, that he should get up every morning and take a bath and wear clean clothes around the time of Brahmamuhurt i.e. around 3:30 PM, and face towards of the rising sun, slowly raise some fresh water in front of both hands and flow on the shell of the sun, while chanting “Om Suryaah Namah” in this way daily, so that the position of the sun in your Janam Kundali can be changed slightly and The hurdle of marriage can be removed by removing obstacles.

Two more tips that come from the book of astrology called Lal Kitab, which you shed a coconut in the flowing water on Saturday, this will reduce the effect of Rahu and you will also end the obstacles you are facing in your marriage.

You can bake eight loaves of wheat on one side, now take these loaves and take them outside the house and feed a brown dog. By doing this, you will realize that your Ketu is calming down, because by doing this it will stop being an obstacle in your marriage and your restrictions will end.

You want to get married with your favourite partner, and all the difficulty is standing in front of you. So try some special measures. You can get success in love-marriage with your partner without any problems by consulting our love marriage specialist baba jiby calling +919776190123 or visiting

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