Classical ways to stop the “Love Marriage problems with bad results” +919776190123

love marriage problem solution

Classical ways to stop the “Love Marriage problems with bad results” +919776190123

Here is brief information about love marriage problem solution yogas and the possibility of love marriages. Moving forward now, we will talk about the astrological methods of how love marriage problems can be stopped.

Before proceeding on this, it is necessary to remind you that if there is complete love marriage yoga in any janam kundali, then such a love of crazy in the life of a boy or girl must come. The conditions and intuitions of such planets force a person to fall in love during his time.

In this, the person forgets that his social, family reputation may be tarnished, as well as he does not care about future marriage problems. Even though such a love affair is going to have a very bad effect on his future life, he becomes so blind to perceive love that he is neither worried about the expectations of neither his parents nor his infamy.

Love marriage problems

Let us know you how the love affair with problems can be saved from marriage so that the future life of the loving couple can be happy:

If the planets which carry out love marriage in the janam kundali of boy or girl are strong but after marriage, there are chances of divorce or mental torture, then such a marriage is not appropriate.

Explaining a love marriage problem with real example

It would be correct to explain this fact by citing a janam kundali. A few time ago we had a janam kundali of a bride and groom who wanted to marry among themselves. We have found that in their kundalis, there are totals with full possibility of love marriage, as well as the separations after marriage are also available.

Panchamesh and Saptamesh were present in each other’s emotions in the lagna and ninth cycle of both the natives. In such a situation, their marriage was inevitable. But due to the prevalence of strong divorce yoga, we could not approve of his marriage.

It was difficult in front of us how to make them aware of the fact that their love will prove fruitless. For this, we called their parents and put astrological results in front of them. They too got worried and prayed for some remedies.

Remedies for love marriage problems

We told them that even after knowing this fact, your son and daughter are not going to be deterred by their love, in such a situation both of you will have to do the said remedy. When they agreed for the love marriage problem solution, we told them the following method:

  • Method of reducing the effect of the crisis that is taking place due to the presence of Panchamesh and Saptamesh in each other’s emotions. For example, if Panchamesh is the Sun and Saptamesh Venus, then there is an absolute possibility of love marriage, but after marriage there is also a possibility of divorce. Now, instead of reducing the temperature of the Sun from Venus and Sun, an effort should be made to make Venus weak. In order to make Venus ineffective for a short period of time, it is necessary to give strength to the most powerful enemy of Venus.
  • To repel the Moon and Venus rays of the female and maternal factors, their enemy planets need to be strengthened.
  • In addition, duality between loving couples can be created by the method of elevation. By the act of exaltation, misunderstandings arise between the loving couple and they do not even want to see each other.
  • Their mind is diverted for some time by the act of postponement so that they do not have a negative effect on them in the event of a love affair.

After successful conduct of Astrology by our love marriage specialist and Tantra-Mantra and Gemmology, we have seen vivid evidence of how the future crisis was avoided. Even after that first experimental incident, it has been used on many other distressed pairs, the results of which were very pleasant.

Our intention here is that if astrology shows the problem, then the solution is also available, but to reach the exact problem and its suitable solution, you have to reach the best astrologer. The so-called astrologers of today are only celebrities, so to what extent a solution can be expected from them, you can guess it yourself.

Here our expert astrologers can solve your queries by analysing your lagna kundali and matching with the supposed one. It’s completely free of cost for you. Our love marriage specialist baba ji are available 24/7 for you and you can get assistance by visiting or calling +919776190123.

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