What does Raj Yoga in free Janam Kundali Analysis Signify


What does Raj Yoga in free Janam Kundali Analysis Signify

How much happy you can be, in your lifetime? When we look at others we often wonder if we are destined to get some good luck from our lives. Can one know this all by Janam kundali predictions?

Yes, in astrology there is a way to find out from online Janam kundali for sure. If you have an option of Raj Yoga in your kundli. Let us find know “What does Raj Yoga in your Janam Kundali online signify?”

Raj Yoga from Janam kundali by date of birth and time

A Raj Yoga is a good significant point of life, that good blend in your life where it will bring good growth and impressive success on every front of a person’s life.

Now, this Yoga is immensely influenced by the negative elements that rule our life, often the Dashas and the negative Yoga that form up in Janam kundali reading also impact our growth.

When you look at Astrological Chart, the different Houses that can bring you commendable benefit are the

  • First House (character and personality)
  • Second House (wealth)
  • Fourth House (family and relationships)
  • Fifth House (intelligence and study, love)
  • Seventh House (marriage & business)
  • Ninth House (Your fortunes are in this House)
  • Tenth House (Career choices)
  • Eleventh Houses as well (Income House)

Types of Raj Yoga

Basically, there are five types of Raja Yoga in the horoscope. Let us find out how a Raj Yoga can impact you in any different way.

      First Raj Yoga: When the ninth and the tenth House change their positions with each other or combined with any of the beneficial Houses, this Yoga will bring you a huge professional benefit. It would also bring a great height to your career.
      Second Raj Yoga: Once the Fifth and Ninth Houses interact, the native will then achieve a lot of success in all fronts whether it is personal stability or skilled stability.
      Third Raj Yoga: If the planet Jupiter is in the First House, then there would be a lot to acquire from it for such individuals. If in any case, planet Jupiter is exalted in either zodiac Sign Pisces or Sagittarius Moon Signs, even then you can benefit vastly.
      Fourth Raj Yoga: If the planet Mars or Sun is present in the Tenth House, it signifies a good career with honest growth and success.
      Fifth Raj Yoga: Once there is an interchange between second and eleventh House, it’s then that you just would possibly prosper vastly.
      Neechbhang Raj yoga: When the Lords of 6, 8, or 12th House, exist in a way that they communicate with each other, they can create Neech bhang Raj yoga. Even a person born under ordinary conditions can get to a higher level with ease.
      Gajkesari Raj yoga: When the planet Jupiter and Moon communicate or remain in conjunction together, it will create a beautiful Yoga that helps immensely to a person to grow immensely.
      Budhaditya Yoga: When Sun and the planet Mercury come together then it is known to create this Yoga. An individual would be as bright as the Sun and as sharp as the planet Mercury.

During birth if a planet resides on a lower Zodiac sign, and if the Lord of that Zodiac or the Lord of a higher Zodiac resides in the Rising Sun, or stays close to the Moon, such a man becomes a King during their birth.

Planets and Houses: Janam kundali reading in Hindi forms Raj Yoga

Online Janam kundali predictions say If the Rising Sun and the fifth House Lords, have interchanged with each other than that would create a beautiful and beneficial Yoga, known as Raj yoga in the person’s life. Other than this those that have auspicious planets in the first, fifth, and the ninth positions then a Raj Yoga are formed.

  • When the eleventh House of the planetary conjuncts has an auspicious planet, then also a Raj Yoga created.
  • If there is a triangle formed by the positioning of three planets of higher-order, then Raj Yoga formed.
  • If the planet Jupiter and Moon are together and the Sun’s condition is also very strong, then the individual does gain popularity in his or her field of interest.
  • Planet Venus also can creates a Raj Yoga, when Planet Venus is in the center, present in either Zodiac sign Taurus or Libra, the Zodiacs which are his own houses and are part of the triangle create a Raj Yoga that creates good litterateur and musicians in person’s life.

This is basically how the formation of a Raj Yoga during a person’s birth can transform one’s life completely. So, now that you know, you can effectively get benefit from it, and thus, you must be curious to find out if there is a Raj Yoga in your fate or not.

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If there is, then without wasting time, try to find out where it lies and try to gain from this knowledge in every possible way. Find yours, if you have one in your Astrological Chart.

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