Make your decision smarter in all aspects of life By Free Kundli Reading

Make your decision smarter in all aspects of life By Free Kundli Reading

You must have heard about a Birth kundali at least once in your life. Online Kundali Reading is able to predict incidents in your life. Free kundli Prediction reveals certain aspects of your life, including favourable and unfavourable time frames. In this webcast, we will discuss certain aspects of an online Kundli


Kundali Reading can be done accurately if you know some important things like date of birth, time and place of the individual. A free kundali explains the position of planets and their movement at a particular time. Every Kundli chart is divided into 12 different parts. These parts are called houses. For Online kundali making, 12 astrological signs are studied. Every sign from Aries to Pisces needs to be analysing properly.

Know how different houses in online kundali associated with our life:

  • There are 12 houses in a horoscope chart and each house consists of one astrological sign.
  • Every house in your janam Kundali is associated with a certain aspect of your life. These houses have been named as per their work in Shastras. The 1st house is called Tan, 2nd Dhan, 3rd Sahodar, 4th Matra, 5th Putra, 6th Ari, 7th Ripu, 8th Ayu, 9th Dharma, 10th Karma, 11th Aye and 12th Vyaya.
  • Some houses in your Kundali are considered to be favourable, while others are considered to be unfavourable.
  • The lord of the sign present in the house also becomes the house-lord of that house. If the Lord of an unfavourable house in your Kundali forms a relationship with a favourable house, it is considered to be unfavourable. On the other hand, it is considered to be favourable if the Lord of a favourable house forms a relationship with another favourable house.
  • Know your auspicious and inauspicious time by free Kundli analysis


    How Position of planets is extremely important in a Kundli:

    • It is very vital to study the position of planets in your birth Kundali. It is not possible to make any predictions without examining the position of planets.
    • First of all, you need to check which planets are in which signs. Then, you need to check a planet’s action towards a sign in which it is present.
    • It is also significant to check if the planet is in a friendly or enemy sign. This is one of the most important aspects of studying the position of planets.
    • You also need to check if a planet is powerful, weaker, in Mooltrikona sign or in its own sign. It is also important to inspect a planet’s relationship with other planets.
    • Online kundali Prediction by date of birth:

      • Now, let us talk about making predictions through a birth chart. You should try to make predictions when you have thoroughly analysed houses and planets in your janam Kundali. First of all, you should study the 12 houses to collect information about their ability to give results.
      • You should check if a planet would give favourable or unfavourable results. You should also gather information about the time period in which you will receive these results. It is important to analyse houses, Lords of houses and Karak elements in your horoscope chart.
      • If these three are strong, you will receive fortunate results in life. But if only two of these are strong, good results will be minimized. On the other hand, results will be unfavourable if all these are weak. Get your Future predictions using Kundli by date of birth.

      Analysis of Dashas in your free online kundali:

      • It is also important to analyse Dashas in your horoscope. Let us now discuss Dashas in your Kundli. First of all, you need to check the planet whose dasha is active in your birth Kundali and Yogas related to this planet. You also need to study the placement of a planet whose dasha is present and the house it rules.
      • You also need to check the position of Antardasha from Mahadasha. It is important to check the number of houses between both of them. It is also important to understand if Mahadasha is strong or weak. Know your Active Dashas and its remedies to remove by online kundali analysis.

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