Kundli analysis: Gain Insight into Your Life


Kundli analysis: Gain Insight into Your Life

Do you want to know about your life and your future? Kundli analysis is the key to gain insight into your life. Free kundli analysis will help you to predict your upcoming life events like your marriage, your job, your career etc.

Kundli reading is the astrology based graph chart of your life based on the specific planetary positions at the time of your birth. By studying your janam kundli, the general pattern of all aspects of your life like best match, upcoming events including marriage can be known.

What is kundli?

Kundli or horoscope or Vedic chart is generally prepared based on a person’s birth details, and it finds out all astrological information about the person and his life. One’s Ascendant (Lagna), Zodiac signs (Rasi), and movement or position of planets in kundali influences his life from the time of birth to death.

There are 12 houses in kundli and these show places of planets like Sun (Su), Moon (Mo), Mars (Ma), Mercury (Me), Jupiter (Ju), Venus (Ve), Saturn (Sa), Rahu (Ra), Ketu (Ke), which describe all about of a person like his job, his Education, his children, marriage, Health and more. Whatever good or bad events you face in your life, the personality you have, the behaviour you expose is because of the favourable or unfavourable planet in your birth-chart or Kundli.

Types of kundli

There are different kinds of kundli you can find, but we will discuss some important type’s kundli such as:

  1. Janam kundli: It is a chart of astrology determined by the positioning of heavenly bodies and planets according to your time of birth, place and time.
  2. Chandra kundli: It is made based on the houses where moon is placed. For instance if your moon is placed in 11th house, 12th house would be the second house from moon in this chart
  3. Love kundli: Love Kundali Match is quite important and plays a vital role in calculating compatibility among partners. You can try free Kundli or Gun Milan to determine your love & married life.
  4. Child kundli: Any child born to the family brings immense happiness and we should bless them rightfully. Child Kundli can be made by the child’s birthdates, place & time. It helps to know about the child’s future & life.

What are the steps for kundli analysis?

There are four steps for kundali analysis such as analyzing, Synthesizing, Forecasting and consultation. We will discuss one by one.

  1. Analyzing: In this process the kundli chart is prepared and analyzed by the data you provide with the requirement of Vedic astrology and kundali interpretation.
  2. Synthesizing: through a mathematical technique and multiple calculations the position of different planets is closely monitor and the lagna charts prepared.
  3. Forecasting: based on the two above method someone’s personality, events and behaviour over time is forecasted.
  4. Consultation: In this step corrective measures are given to reducing or eliminating any particular dosha or various planets which create problem in a person’s life.

Importance of kundli match before marriage

Marriage is the most beautiful thing that happens in someone’s life. You can say that it the turning point in the lives of two people and their families. It ties the knot between two souls for a lifetime and beyond. It is the beginning of a new life for which a man and woman wait seine they were enters into the age of marriage.

In India, most of the families before deciding to get their children married match their birth chart which is called kundli matching to see stars are compatible or not. An Astrologer will tell you what role astrology has to play in a person’s married life and why kundli matching is important for us before marriage. See the below points:

  • Can tell you the compatibility to bear offspring.
  • Help you to predict the financial stability before marriage.
  • It will tell us how compatible the Two Souls are with each other.
  • Helps to predict the dosha both carries, so that it can solve by doing pujas. And many more.

Hope you understand about kundli and the necessity of it before marriage. Apart from the matchmaking it is also used for other purposes. Our Kundli matching specialists astrologer can find someone’s dosha (some faults due to unwanted position of planets) in his/her kundli and accordingly suggest measures to solve the problems. It can also predict how our health is going to be in the future so that we can be careful about it. Get your free kundli reading for marriage by calling +91 9776190123 or visiting oooom.in?

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