Online kundli in Hindi: Which factors in kundali make you rich?

kundali in hindi

Online kundli in Hindi: Which factors in kundali make you rich?

If the Janam Kundali/Lagna Kundli of a person has the following auspicious lagnas then he / she is rich. Let’s analyse by Kundali in Hindi.

In astrology, the Janam Kundali in Hindi is considered to be a document for assessing a person’s life. Through the Hindi Kundali one can know the future, past and present of the person. Therefore, people go to an astrologer to know about their Birth chart. But today we are telling you the easy way to see your Kundli in Hindi, through which you can know yours coming tomorrow by looking at your own Kundali online in Hindi.

When conditions are affected due to Dasha in a kundali in Hindi

Dasha has an important role in the Kundali in Hindi of the native in earning or collecting money. Jataka gets the property from his family when the state of the second house comes, in the state of the fifth house; the sum of money comes from betting or lottery. It is generally seen that with the passing of this condition, the wealth of the person also ends.

With the beginning of the reign of the eleventh house, the state of the Ekadesh begins to accumulate stuck money, opens many ways of earning and the amount of profit increases. Fruits (Faal) decrease or increase according to the position of the planet and sentiment. Similarly, getting loan in the sixth house and increasing the expenses in the twelfth house is an indication. These houses in a janam Kundli in Hindi are responsible for all the monetary issues.

When Venus prevails

In the present era, where enjoyment and luxury are at the peak, a person’s wealth is being assessed from his / her comfort facilities. In such a situation, the role of Venus is becoming increasingly important in a kundali. If Venus is in better position in the Hindi Kundli of a person, the person lives a comfortable life.

Lagna of the planet Venus is believed to be Shukracharya, who was a master of demons, but looking at the remedies in a kundali Hindi, it is known that Venus has more relation with Lakshmi. Venus and Libra are the zodiac signs of Venus. With this, Venus is exalted in Pisces. Venus is considered superior among these three zodiac signs. Venus is malefic in Virgo, so Venus in Virgo is not considered to give good results.

These lagnas in a Janam Kundali in Hindi are rich

For earning, we have to look at the eleventh house in a Janam Kundali in Hindi. In this way, Saturn of Aries lagna, Saturn of Taurus lagna, Mars in Gemini lagna, Venus of Cancer lagna, Mercury in Leo lagna, Moon in Virgo lagna, Sun in Libra lagna, Mercury in Scorpio lagna, Venus in Sagittarius lagna, Capricorn. The native of Lagna, Aquarius master of Aquarius lagna and Saturn of Pisces lagnas are in good state and the native earns good money. In the condition of these planets also, the people of the related Lagna earn good income or profit.

In a kundali in Hindi reading Aries Lagna’s Venus, Taurus Lagna’s Mercury, Gemini Lagna’s Moon, Cancer Lagna’s Sun, Leo Lagna’s Mercury, Virgo Lagna’s Venus, Libra Lagna’s Mars, Scorpio, Scorpio Guru of Lagna Natives, Saturn of Lagna Natives, Saturn of Capricorn Lagna, Aquarius lagna Jupiter and Mars with Pisces Lagna are in good condition or when their condition and transience is attained, they have a good wealth of wealth or inheritance. If the position of the planet in a free kundli in Hindi related to the Lagna is not strong, then the financial situation can be improved by treating the related planets.

Some specific Yoga in an Online Kundli in Hindi

  • When the Moon is in the fifth house in any lagna, the person tries to earn by speculative, lottery or sudden money earners. If the moon is fruitful, such people also earn well.
  • In the condition of the planetary planet, the person experiences all happiness. In such a situation, during this period, the native also gets less money related problems.
  • When the Moon is in the seventh house, the native tries to do business with the partner, but gets cheated.

If there is any combination of these in the online kundli in Hindi of the person doing business or industry, then they make the person rich and prove to be an indicator of success in business. It is helpful in making wealthy. Find out what is in your kundli online in Hindi holds for you by visiting or calling +919776190123.

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