Life Progress using Kundli in Hindi by Date of Birth and Time

kundli in hindi

Life Progress using Kundli in Hindi by Date of Birth and Time

When a person is suffering from all the problems in his life and wants to get happiness and peace in life. All this can be solved using Kundli in Hindi.

Friends! We have progressed a lot but even today everything is not under our control. Life moves by the movement of stars and planets. For a deeper understanding we need kundali in Hindi in which it determines the life progress using Hindi kundli by date of birth and time.

Why people need Kundali in Hindi?

We do a lot of hard work, but not everyone gets the same result, some are sick, some are financially strapped, someone is not getting married and someone is not getting a job, then someone is losing business.

Somebody commits sin and still reap life with fun and someone is doing a lot of auspicious deeds even then they are suffering, although nowadays fortune and astrology are rejected as meaningless and illiterate lore but when we just said There are constant victims of the things that are said, then we feel that there is a thing called destiny in this world. Everything can be discovered using Kundali in Hindi.

Understanding the Kundli in Hindi

In the Kundli in Hindi there are twelve houses made called Janam Patrika. The Kundli is formed in different ways at different places such as Indian system and Western system. In the Indian system also, the Kundli made in North Indian, South Indian and Eastern India varies. Twelve zodiac signs are used to make a horoscope, which ranges from Aries to Pisces.

Impact of Kundali on Karma

This world is based on karma. That is, if you do good karma, then good outcomes and bad karma are bad. Our fate is also made up of our actions. Rites of previous births make the fate of our birth. So you understand what fate is. Our ancient sages developed Hindi Kundali so that we can know about our future and use our time to improve our karma in time.

Is it necessary to make Kundali?

Yes!!!! To open the secrets of life through astrology, it is necessary to make a horoscope according to the time of birth. Often after making kundali; people make a statement according to their own knowledge on how the planets are analyzed according to their emotions.

You will not be able to understand your own kundali until you can read it. Every person for this needs a simplified kundli in Hindi by which they can easily open and understand kundli.

Check planetary position in Hindi kundli

The Hindi kundli reveals the special position and movement of the planets. To know this situation, first see which planet has gone in which sense. Make a note of it. Then see how the planet deals with the zodiac in which the planet is located. In the Janam patrika, the planet is in the friend zodiac or is situated in the enemy zodiac, this is another important aspect. Note this.

Janam Kundli in Hindi

Learning the time is called astrology and the art of explaining your point is known as master. Another main thing is that it is necessary to have a physician to remove the diseases coming in life. The rest of the work which is necessary for oneself in life is that, they are only concerned with earning food and living with people and carrying on the progeny. By making proper janam kundli in Hindi, someone can find their fate and process life.

According to astrology, when differences can be opened, then why not open the secret and see it for your own benefit and the problem that is going to be solved by yourself, then it will be so good. Do not have to worry to make the Online Kundli in Hindi, you can easily make Kundli by date of birth and time and place name by calling +919776190123 and get free services on

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