Kundli in Hindi: A Brief Description on Online Hindi Janam Kundali

kundali in hindi

Kundli in Hindi: A Brief Description on Online Hindi Janam Kundali

Here you will be able to make your own Kundli in Hindi, you will be able to match kundli Hindi properties, you will be able to read Hindi kundali and you will find many other Hindi Janam Patrika materials. You can get detailed Hindi kundli and astrology free.

A Kundali (also known by birth-horoscope, Janam Kundali, birth journal, horoscope, Vedic horoscope, etc.) shows the exact positions of the constellations stars and planets that were in the sky at the time of the birth of the prospective person. These astronomical positions are simply marked in the appearance of the Kundli, so that it can be analyzed.

What is a Janam Kundali in Hindi?

A Kundali is a photograph that an astrologer makes based on the special position of various planets, constellations and zodiac signs present in the sky at the time of birth of a person. In this, every aspect of life is divided into 12 expressions of the horoscope, on the basis of which an astrologer can predict a particular person by counting Kundali in Hindi.

What is the significance of janam kundali in Hindi?

In today’s time, when every person is suffering from some problem, then to know the solution of those problems, the astrologer can guide the person by studying the janam kundali in Hindi and by assessing his own planetary problems.

What information will be required to make our Kundli Milan in Hindi?

To make a Kundli Milan in Hindi of any person or caste, firstly their complete date of birth, the month of birth and the year of birth are required. After that time of birth and place of birth are required. Mainly after getting this information, an astrologer makes a kundli matching in Hindi of a person.

Do we get solutions from our problems with the help of astrology?

Yes, with the help of astrology, we can assess all the good and bad events and problems in life by assessing the people and defects created by adjusting different types of planetary constellations and zodiac signs and an expert astrologer can calculate and get a solution by analysing our kundli in Hindi and properly evaluating the causes of those problems.

What is the purpose of astrology?

The main purpose of astrology is to guide the direction of one’s actions. For any person, astrology is not just a solution to his problems, “but the main purpose of astrology is to give meaning to a person’s life.” Through astrology, the person can assess the direction of his deeds by analysing janam kundali by date of birth and time in Hindi and give impetus to his deeds and accordingly it is possible to get fruits. (कर्म का फल मीठा होता है)

What is kundli Milan in Hindi or gun milan in hindi?

When two people get married, they both have their own kundali which includes the positions and signs of planets and constellations, on the basis of which different qualities and defects are found in a particular person. Therefore, by kundli Milan in hindi of both of them, their virtues and defects are studied closely and after that it is determined whether the highest combination of merits in your Hindi kundali is made or not.

If yoga in Gun Milan in Hindi is formed then marriage is valid. In contrast, if yoga is not formed then marriage is invalid. Under certain circumstances, it is agreed to marry by various measures if there is a general defect.

What is a Hindi kundli and what is its significance?

When asking a specific question, the Hindi kundli which is prepared from the position of planets and constellations of that time and the combination of zodiac signs. This Online Kundali in Hindi is known for the exact answer to any question related to life event.

There are also solutions for those people who don’t know their date of birth and time.  The ultimate techniques of this Online kundli in hindi are especially used when a particular person’s birth chart is not available and they have the curiosity to ask any question. Tabij.in team are always available to help you by calling +919776190123.

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